The latest installment in the Metro collection is here and also Metro Exodus delivers one heck of a ride for fans the Artyom’s story. If you’re just obtaining ready come dive right into the game, though, you can be curious exactly how long that is, or also how many chapters the game has. This guide will call you everything you need to recognize so girlfriend can set aside some time this weekend and also enjoy the recent entry in Artyom’s tale.

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We execute want to note that there room some slight spoilers for subway Exodus in the article below. While these spoilers are small—only chapter names—they perform contain information about the places you visit in the game, i m sorry some civilization might not desire to spoil because that themselves. This is your only warning.

Metro Exodus takes players with the different seasons together they travel throughout Russia.

How lengthy to Beat metro Exodus

The quantity of time it takes you come beat subway Exodus is all going to count on how you choose to beat the game. Choose the initial two, Exodus enables you to pick and also choose exactly how you approach some of her battles—though this time the people is much an ext open than it has been in the past. There are also a most side stories and also quests that you can do, and a good bit of human being to discover in numerous of the chapters.

If you’re looking come play v the entire game, climate you’ll want to set aside approximately 35-45 hours. This will provide you time to explore the full breadth that the world and find any kind of collectibles follow me the way. If you’re just focused on the main story, though, climate you’ll only need to collection aside roughly 30 hours or so, together you can conveniently focus top top the “golden path” the progresses you v the story.

How numerous Chapters in subway Exodus

The latest chapter that the Metro collection is damaged down right into a collection of chapters the players will be able to visit and also replay quite conveniently once they finish them. The video game is broken up into 12 chapters, all of which we’ve outlined below.

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IntroductionMoscowWinterThe VolgaSpringYamantauThe CaspianSummerThe TaigaAutumnThe Dead CityFinale

Now that we’ve outlined exactly how long metro Exodus is, and also how numerous chapters the game includes, you can head back over come our subway Exodus guide to find more information around the game, including some detailed content that will help you master the brand-new features and also systems the 4A has constructed into the recent chapter of Artyom’s story.