At 56 years young, El Debarge may have a youthful look, but he’s obtained grown male responsibilities. El has actually 12 children- yeah you check out that right, TWELVE- and around 7 year ago, he opened up come Jet Magazine about the plenty of struggles he’s had as he attempts to reconnect with every one of them. He also explained why he wasn’t there because that them. Us respect El’s honesty. He’s reflecting other far-off dads that it’s never ever too so late to diligently work-related toward reconnecting with your children. View what El revealed below…

El DeBarge (Photo through Johnny Nunez/Getty pictures for BET)

El Discusses His 12 children By 5 Women

In his Jet interview, El revealed that he has 12 kids (11 biological and also one he’s embraced as his own) through 5 different mothers (3 of who he to be married to). ~ overcoming a 22 year medicine habit that mostly kept him away from his kids, El express this:

“I intend to be in their stays forever. God offered me a 2nd chance. Ns am so an extremely glad through what is going on through my career, but I desire to be a success in my connection with my children”, DeBarge says.

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Throwback picture of El through 2 that his sons (via Instagram)

El Debarge describes How He lost 1 the His 12 Children

El sadly recalled how he lost one that his children:

El DeBarge’s voice drops as soon as he talks around his 3-year-old daughter. “I have one boy that I shed to the device when ns was top top drugs”, that admits softly come JET end the phone. He chooses his words with care. You deserve to feel his pain, the regret. The believes that the girl has been adopted. “I don’t know where she is.”

El also spoke on two other children he’d never met at that time (2010):

He would love to find his 3-year-old daughter and he reveals the he has actually yet to build a solid partnership with at least two the his children. “I understand where they are. But so numerous years have actually gone by. They know their dad is El DeBarge … i am trying to earn your trust again. Ns am calling and texting … It’s kind of hard; they got used come me no being around.” the admits, “I shed them. Ns am trying to reconnect through them. From the point, that is difficult on me emotionally.”

El’s Eldest son On Re-Meeting that In her 20’s

El Debarge and daughter, Adris (via Facebook)

El reconnected through his earliest daughter, Adris (pictured over on she wedding day), as soon as she remained in her late 20’s and also he stated this around having been a teenage dad:

“I remained in no method ready once my daughter was born. Yet I want to it is in a great father to her.”

Adris ~ above reconnecting v her dad, El:

“It is brand new and ns am enjoy it it come the fullest”, she says. “What offers me so much joy and so lot pride right now at this point in our stays is to simply watch him and be able to see him sober and happy, so happy and whole. It yes, really is together a gift to have him around.”

Throwback pic of El Debarge and his children (via Pinterest)

Brother, Chico Debarge Admires El’s enthusiasm For His Kids

El’s brother/singer, Chico Debarge, admires El because that owning approximately his wrongs and also making genuine initiatives to execute right through his kids :

“He is an extremely attentive, that is on it. He is reaching out come them and also communicating v them on all levels. If they space angry, he lets them vent the out. I’ve checked out him carry out that. He lets them gain it out. The is trying to catch up on all the years he missed.

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The is make the efforts to make up for what the didn’t do and also give lock what he have the right to right now,” Chico called Jet Magazine.

It’s a beautiful thing to view El Debarge doing every little thing in his power to it is in a far better man and a much better father to his children. Wishing that brotha all the best.