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How numerous coulomb in 1 joules/volt?The price is 1.Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results.Use this web page to learn how to convert between coulombs and also joules/volt.Type in your very own numbers in the form to transform the units!

››Quick conversion graph of coulomb to joules/volt

1 coulomb come joules/volt = 1 joules/volt

5 coulomb come joules/volt = 5 joules/volt

10 coulomb to joules/volt = 10 joules/volt

20 coulomb come joules/volt = 20 joules/volt

30 coulomb come joules/volt = 30 joules/volt

40 coulomb to joules/volt = 40 joules/volt

50 coulomb come joules/volt = 50 joules/volt

75 coulomb come joules/volt = 75 joules/volt

100 coulomb come joules/volt = 100 joules/volt

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››Definition: Coulomb

he coulomb, prize C, is the SI unit of electrical charge, and also is characterized in regards to the ampere: 1 coulomb is the amount of electric charge (quantity that electricity) carried by a existing of 1 ampere flowing because that 1 second. It is also around 6.241506×1018 times the fee of one electron. The is called after Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736-1806).

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