When friend look in ~ a Rottweiler you think it must eat a bag the food daily. In enhancement to any type of incidental passersby who were no on their guard. JOKING!!! Seriously, Rotties are substantial and an effective dogs. Anyone interested in acquiring one cannot be blamed for balking at the thought of feeding together a giant. But do castle eat you the end of home and also hearth? If friend take an easy measure such as a typical cup (250 ml), climate how numerous cups that food must a Rottweiler eat?


So, how plenty of cups that food have to a Rottweiler eat a day?

The lot of food your Rottweiler have to eat relies on the age, condition, and also how lot exercise the gets. Adult Rottweilers who room not yet seniors need to eat about 4 – 8 cup of kibble (dry dog food) a day.

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It stand to reason that Rottweiler puppies will eat less than adults. When they reach adulthood one would certainly think the lot of food would stay the same many of the time. Once they start aging carry out they eat less? They more than likely should together they are obtaining less exercise. We shot to answer many of these concerns below and discuss some problems that candlestick to change the amount your Rottweiler have to be eating (and the finest quality dog food for her Rottweiler).

How numerous Cups that Food need to a Rottweiler Puppy Eat?

Puppies of every dog breeds grow quickly and in spurts. You should monitor the Rottweiler pup come ensure the it grows neither too quick nor as well slow. Contradictory to what you might expect the is not a an excellent thing at all if your pup grows as well fast. It will result in joint problems and also could even result in bone deformation. Rottweilers are quick growers so do take treatment that that does not end up with a bone disease.

There is one alarming number of bone illness that can happen in cultivation dogs:

Osteochondritis dissecans (OD or OCD) ) or osteochondrosis (OC)PanosteitisHypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD)Elbow DysplasiaHip DysplasiaLuxating Patella

A many the over diseases take place as a result of huge dogs cultivation too fast. That is therefore an extremely important come monitor her pup’s development all the means through to adulthood.

Fortunately, there room charts easily accessible that show you what the mean weight of Rottweiler puppies have to be at various ages. One such chart is reproduced below.

You need to weigh her pup faithfully and take remedial action as shortly as its weight falls over or listed below the variety as offered in the chart.

It is, the course, much better to do this with the assist of your vet however every vet visit expenses money. It is valuable to her vet in any kind of case if you have actually kept a document of your steps of the weight and what girlfriend did afterward. The will aid the vet to adjust the diet or do tests that might be vital to recognize if over there is a serious difficulty with her pup.

Age and weight table because that Rottweilers:


Maintaining the optimal weight acquire in terms of how numerous cups that food her Rottweiler pup should eat requirements a little of calculation. It depends on what the dog is supposed to weigh at maturity. For Rottweilers, it deserve to be anything native 80 come 135 pounds. 

Now you have the right to consult one more chart, the tells girlfriend how countless cups the food in ~ each period should result in optimal weight gain:


How many Cups need to a Rottweiler Adult Eat every Day?

Does gender make a difference?

In the instance of huge dogs like the Rottweiler, there is fairly a difference in the adult size of males and females.

An adult woman Rottweiler’s weight ranges from 80 come 100 pounds (36 come 45 kg) while the male ranges from 95 to 135 pounds (43 come 61 kg). You can see the a masculine is rather a bit heavier and would need an ext food to keep all the muscle.

You have the right to follow the basic guideline as offered in the table over or calculation the precise amount follow to her pet’s individual weight.

This calculator allows you go into the dog’s weight and task level and also then calculates the number of calories that needs. You deserve to then bring on and also choose among their products.

But if you have a food the you constantly feed her dog look in ~ the calorie values on the package and also you should have the ability to work out how countless cups you require to achieve the number of calories recommended. 

Current condition

You must also consider the current problem of your Rottweiler once deciding just how much you should feed it.

Is it as well fat?

Too thin?

Is it really healthy?

A little bit under the weather?

Downright sick?

Is it recuperating indigenous an procedure or one injury?

Does the have any kind of allergies?

Exercise level

A bit of a no-brainer, this one. Dogs are similar to humans. The much more active lock are, the an ext food castle need. The more they lie roughly the house and also do no take the end the garbage, the much less food they need.

We’ll freed the dog from taking out the garbage, yet you acquire the picture. 

The best method to recognize whether her dog is getting sufficient food to sustain him in ~ his details exercise level is also weigh the regularly and see if the gains or loses weight. Similar to humans.

Do not get stressed around a couple of ounces here and there but a constant rise or autumn in load tells girlfriend to adjust his food.

Health problems

Rottweilers room prone come a plethora of health and wellness problems.

Hip and also elbow dysplasiaVision and eye problems (e.g. Gradual retinal atrophy, cataracts, eyelid deformities, etc.)Bleeding disorders e.g. Von Willebrand’s diseaseHypothyroidismAddison’s diseaseGastroenteritisFolliculitisHeart defects (cardiomyopathy, subaortic stenosis, etc.)CancerCanine bloat

If her Rottweiler to be diagnosed with any type of of this illnesses your vet should offer you guidelines worrying the food it have the right to eat.

The quantity of food should additionally be contained in the vet’s recommendations. Stick through it, execute not shot to present your love by giving more! carry out not be an idiot and give less!!!

Food quality

All the guidelines the we give here make a an easy assumption. Us assume the you are providing your dog high-quality dog food. But as most dog owners find if they stroked nerves to check out the labels, over there is an excellent and poor quality dog food the end there. And price walk not always indicate i m sorry is which.

In general, a an excellent quality dog food is nutritionally well balanced for the age of the dog. The breed is a factor yet not as much as one would certainly think. Each other relates to adult load so us are ago to the size of the dog being an essential issue.

Good top quality dog food is make from ingredients approved by the association of American Feed manage Officials (AAFCO). The AAFCO also has guidelines because that the proportions of these ingredients. 

The American Kennel society (AKC) has a very good article ~ above its website explaining exactly how to read dog food labels. This will assist you to decision whether the content of your dog food parcel is an excellent quality or not. 

A ascendancy of thumb that should give you one idea that your dog food might not it is in very an excellent is the more poop, the reduced quality. All that junk simply goes in one end and out the other and the bad dog gets very tiny nutrition. Fact.

How About senior Rottweilers?

Older dogs have significantly lower power needs.

Lower power = different dietary needs.

A an excellent senior dog diet have to be lower in calories, greater in fiber however with sufficient protein and also fat.

In many cases, you can proceed feeding the adult food as soon as your dog it s okay to be a senior, yet you will have to reduce the volume. Fat Rotties room not healthy and also fat, old Rotties are worse.

If your Rottweiler has specific health difficulties that come through age, prefer kidney troubles or reduced digestive ability, friend must shot to feed it in a way that will mitigate those conditions. Or at least prevent that from escalating.

Related Questions

How much deserve to I feeding my Rottweiler if it demands to obtain weight?

Rottweilers gain weight easily but you should be mindful not come overfeed. The object need to be to get muscle weight not fat. While girlfriend must keep a balance the nutrients and enough water at every times, it will aid to feed more protein. Thirty percent protein if the eats dry kibble should result in load gain. The number of cups will depend on the ingredient of her food.

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How many times a day should I feed my Rottweiler?

Twice a job is a safe frequency according to the AKC. The ideal times are beforehand in the morning approximately seven and also early in the evening about six. Dogs get hungry about eight to ten hours after your last meal.