HistoryA family outing to the cinema ended in tragedy for young Bruce Wayne. Go homeward, Bruce, his father,Thomas, and mother, Martha, accidentally ventured right into Gotham City"s infamous "Crime Alley" and also wereaccosted through a mugger. No content merely to plunder the well-off family, the hoodlum - whose identity was "neverdetermined" - shot Dr. Thomas and also Martha Wayne dead prior to fleeing into the darkness. Together he knelt beside hisparent"s bodies, Bruce swore to avenge them. After ~ the police arrived, Bruce was comforted by Dr. LeslieTHompkins. Dr. Thompkins and Alfred Pennyworth helped arrange matters so that Gotham"s Social services wouldnot take Bruce into care. In this way, both Dr. Thompkins and Alfred enabled Bruce to realize his dream ofbecoming a crusader against crime.

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The Young Bruce WayneAt period 14, Bruce took on a journey that took him to every continent as he sought to discover all the skillshe would need to keep his vow. He learned criminology, forensics, and also criminal psychology, and also learned frommanhunters and also martial artists, mastering every fighting style. In time, Bruce forged himself into a livingweapon come wage war on crime and also injustice. ~ above his go back to Gotham, Bruce stalked street thugs together aplainclothes vigilante. To win by the very people he intended to protect, he barely endured his first nightout. As he sat bleeding in his research at Wayne Manor Bruce knew that he had actually to first strike fear in thehearts the his foes. Simply then, a bat crashed through the study window, offering Bruce the inspiration heneeded.

Batman Begins

Establishing a mystery headquarters in the caves beneath his mansion, Bruce ended up being Batman, a Dark knight toprotect Gotham and also its citizens indigenous vice and villainy. Alfred Pennyworth remained his confidant, tending toinjuries and offering sage advice - whether requested or not!

Batman became an city legend, a cautionary tale that sent out shivers through the city"s underworld. This CapedCrusader uncovered a friend in Captain James Gordon a Gotham cop that didn"t grant of Batman"s methods, butappreciated the results of his nightly crime fighting. Batman"s Rogues Gallery grew to encompass a hold ofbizarre criminals, such as the Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face and also the Penguin. Together his enemies increased, helparrived in the form of an additional young young left parentless through brutal crime.


As a member that the flying Graysons acrobatic family, young cock Grayson dazzling audiences nightly on thehigh wire beside his circus aerialist parents. Yet when gangster "Boss" Zucco sabotaged the high wirebecause the owner the Haly"s Circus refuse to market up protection money, the elder Graysons paid with theirlives. Billionaire Bruce Wayne remained in the audience the night; however, it was Batman who checked out thegrieving dick Grayson, supplying the young a opportunity at retribution by coming to be Robin, the Dark Knight"s squirein his personal war on crime.

Dick Grayson

The an initial Robin wascarefully schooled by Batman, learning all the skillshe would need to bring "Boss" Zucco come justice. Beforelong, cock was ready for action. Sewaring a solemn oath, he join the Dark Knight"s crusade together his mosttrusted partner, Robin the boy Wonder.

After number of years in business to the Dark Knight, Grayson - then leader of the teenager Titans - relinquishedthe mantle that Robin as soon as Batman forced him to choose between his duties through the Titans and his promise toaid the Dark Knight. Adopting the identification of Nightwing, Dick ongoing to battle crime if remainingBatman"s nearby ally.

Jason Todd

Batman met juvenile delinquent and presumed orphan, Jason Todd, once the boy literally tried come steal thetires appropriate off the Batmobile. With original partner prick Grayson having offered up the role of Robin, Batmandecided to take it Jason in and also offer the both a home and a purpose. Jason started the exact same training regimenGrayson when undertook to come to be the Dark Knight"s partner. However, Jason to be a troubled heart who lackedmaturity and was fast to anger.

A fatality in the Family

When Jason discovered ideas that his long-lost mother was alive, he covertly traveled come Africa to uncover her.Tragically, the trail additionally led him straight right into the clutches that the Joker, that savagely win the second BoyWonder in ~ an inch of his life. The Clown Prince the Crime left Jason and his mom to die in abooby-trapped warehouse wired from floor to ceiling through high-explosive charges. Jason courageously do the efforts toshield his mom from the brunt that the damaging blast. She endured the explosion simply long enough totell a grief-stricken Batman the his reckless young partner had passed away a hero.

Tim Drake

Tim Drake to be barely an ext than a toddler as soon as he satellite in the stands in ~ Haly"s Circus and watched the FlyingGraysons loss to your doom. Tim was transfixed together the Dark knight swooped under to lull young DickGrayson. The moment was melted into his memory. Years later, Tim saw news reports of one unhinged Batmanbecoming much more and an ext violent following the fatality of the second Robin, Jason Todd. Using his detectiveskills, Tim deduced the mystery identity of Batman and the very first Boy Wonder, prick Grayson.

After revealing this understanding to the original Dynamic Duo, Tim argued the need for a Robin to provide the DarkKnight hope, especially when confronted with a look at hopeless and unyielding battle on crime. Though reluctantat first, Batman offered Tim the chance to prove that he to be as great as his word. After months of gruelingtraining, Tim Drake became the third Robin.

It is a project at which Tim excels, in spite of the continuous struggle the balancing his crime-fighting life v theday-to-day battles of simply being a teenager. A former member of the Young Justice, Tim presently belonging tothe recent incarnation the the teen Titans.

Stephanie Brown

Tim Drake met teen vigilante Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, when she an initial attempted to thwart she father theCluemaster"s criminal schemes. Mutual attraction grew, and also Tim started supplying Stephanie v officialBat-Equipment. Your love finished tragically once Stehphanie was killed in ation.

Batman"s Uniform

Batman"s is bulletproof and also fire resistant, special a load cape and a cowl outfitted withnight-vision modern technology and communications arrays; utility belt consists of an arsenal the crime-fighting gear,including various types of attack Batarangs, de-cel jumplines and also grapnels, micro-camera, smoke pellets,acetylene torch, gas mask, rebreather, and flexi-cuffs among other miniaturized non-lethal weapons. employs a range of detective gadgets, including micro-computers and crime scene analysis kits; maintains afleet that high-tech and also high-powered vehicles, chief among the Batmobile, Batcycle, Batboat, Batplane andBatcopter; supersophisticated Batcave headquarters dwellings training facilities, forensics laboratories,computer databases, and maintenance bays for every Bat-vehicles.

Some of the more prominent storylines of TheBatmanThe beginning of The Joker? the background of The Red Hood There are two stories, we willgive you the current background of The Red Hood. The guy who was to undertake the Red Helmet and become the RedHood was in reality a former chemical technician for the Ace chemical plant, who ended up being astruggling stand-up comedian burdened through the believed of not being able to assistance his freshly pregnant wife.

Jack, this negative sot"s name, is approached by criminals who solid arm him right into accepting the function ofThe Red Hood due to the fact that they want to rob the Ace chemical plant. Jack accepts , inorder to make sufficient money to start a far better life for his family. The job of the heist, Jack learnsthat his pregnant wife dies from a "freak accident", the leader is led to believe that it to be doneby the corridor members ensuring the Jack stuck with deal.

Jack, failure comedian, failed husband come a murdered wife, reluctantly dons the helmet? ending up being thenew Red Hood. Red Hood had actually a big domed red helmet through one method mirror lenses to view through and a red cape. Oh yes.. He likewise wore a tuxedo. Very dapper to be the RedHood. When attempting to plunder a chemistry plant, the plant"s security guys spot the robbers, shootingthe various other criminals dead, narrowly lacking the Red Hood. Cornered top top a catwalk by Batman the Red Hood dives into a chemical container to do his escape and also swims to freedom by way of aventing pipe. He just survived via a special breathing apparatus the was constructed into his helmet.However, the chemicals in the container permanently disfigured the one under the hood, turning his hairgreen, his skin white and also his lips red.

Upon finding out this, that went insane. What yes, really crawled out of that chemical basin so many yearsago to be the worst criminal mind come walk the earth?. No no Lex Luthor, none various other than theypsychotic and also maniacle Joker.

Broken Bat - Bane will forever be remembered as the guy who damaged the Bat! an ext thanthree years ago, Bane"s father got a life sentence indigenous the Satna Priscan government for his rolein a failure revolution. The fled the country, yet Santa Priscan law demanded that his child take his place.The kid that would end up being Bane was increased inside Pena Duro prison (mostly in a pit referred to as the CavidadOscuro). Bane killed dozens that inmates and also engineered a jailbreak as soon as experiments v the medicine Venomgave that monstrous strength.

Winding up in Gotham City, Bane exhausted Batman by releasing all the villains native Arkham Asylum. Hethen crippled the Dark article by snapping his spine. Jean Paul valley (Azrael) donned the Batmangarb ? wile Bruce recuperated native his injuries. This interim Batman was an ext violent and unstable;Bruce went back to activity as shortly as his body had actually healed and also he had regained his fighting spirit,with the assist of cruel martial-arts mistress Lady Shiva. Bruce took earlier the mantle of the Bat byforce.

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The "Batman: Hush" storyline introduced Tommy Elliot, a childhood friend of BruceWayne"s. Together Hush, the bandaged villain, Elliot secretly orchestrates continuous attacks on the Batman bymanipulates plenty of of the Batman"s Rogues Gallery"s villains. As the manipulations and orchestrations growso go the sexual tension between Batman and also Catwoman, come the suggest where they in reality becomeromantically involved? come a specific degree. Ultimately, Batman"s mistrust in Catwoman end the doomedrelationship. Hush tip Batman right into believing that Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin who was eliminated by theJoker, is actually alive. An angry Jason fights Batman however he is later revealed to be none various other thanClayface. In a bizarre twist of writing, the DC creators chose to go ahead and also let Jason Todd actuallybecome alive, imagine that, however he arrives in the guise the ? the Red Hood.

Remember The Red Hood? Well meet Red Hood 2! Wait, or is it Robin? ... Ahh Jeeze!