about exterior angles of triangleshow to find the unknown exterior angle of a trianglehow to prove that the sum of exterior angles of a triangle is 360°

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The complying with diagrams provide the theorems entailing the exterior angle of triangles. Scrolldown the page for an ext examples and also solutions.

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Exterior angles Of A Triangle

An exterior edge of a triangle is created by any side ofa triangle and also the extension of its adjacent side.

The Exterior angle Theorem says thatAn exterior edge of a triangle is equal to the sum of the twoopposite interior angles.


Example:Find the values of x and also y in the following triangle.


Solution:x + 50° = 92° (sum of opposite inner angles = exterior angle)x = 92° – 50° = 42°y + 92° = 180° (interior angle + nearby exterior angle = 180°.)y = 180° – 92° = 88°

What is one exterior angle and how to discover the unknown exterior edge of a triangle?

The angle on a right line add up to 180°.The interior angles the a triangle include up to 180°

An exterior angle of a triangle is created when any kind of side is prolonged outwards.

How to discover a lacking angle external of a triangle?

How to specify the interior and exterior angles of a triangle and then state number of theorems involving the interior and also exterior angle of a triangle

The exterior angle of a triangle space the angle that type a straight pair through the interiorangles by expanding the political parties of a triangle.

The sum of the exterior angle of a triangle and also any polygon is 360 degrees.

The remote angles space the two angles in a triangle that room not surrounding angles to a specificexterior angle.

The sum of the remote internal angles is equal to the non-adjacent exterior angle.

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Sum that Exterior angle Of A Triangle

Two pillar proof the the amount of the exterior angles of a triangle is 360 degrees.

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