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Way ago in 2011, we caught wind the the sad state of among the world"s greatest supercars.

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A Ferrari Enzo was snapped sitting in a police impound many in the Dubai desert. The auto was covered in sand. A sad vision of such a supercar, and one the hasn"t changed an extremely much over the course of the last few years. That auto is still sit in impound.

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Thankfully, follow to local news outlet 7Days, the case for the auto has enhanced a small bit. It"s been relocated inside a warehouse for safe storage, rather than left come rot under the hot sun the the center East. Still, the automobile hasn"t been declared by the human being who left it behind in a hurry. Instead, it"s being claimed by a number of parties, and also that"s the reason why it sit in limbo.

There have been plenty of offers by interested teams looking to purchase the car, but the police can"t relocate on those offers. Accordind to Interpol, this Enzo was either steal or purchased utilizing stolen assets. Therefore it"s component of an investigation and also the peak prize in a legal dispute over that rightful ownership.

So it remains forever parked. One of just 399 Enzos originally created by Ferrari, and also the number of the dare left in a happy state has dwindled over the years. This details Enzo isn"t because that sale. The isn"t going to reap the road anytime shortly either. It stays still, silent and... Sad.


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