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Did you average to convertton togallon the automotive gasolinegallon the aviation gasolinegallon of diesel oilgallon of distillate no. 2 fuel oilgallon of kerosenegallon of kerosene type jet fuelgallon of LPGgallon the naphtha kind jet fuelgallon that residual fuel oilgallon the automotive gasolinegallon of aviation gasolinegallon of diesel oilgallon that distillate no. 2 fuel oilgallon of kerosenegallon the kerosene kind jet fuelgallon of LPGgallon of naphtha type jet fuelgallon that residual fuel oil

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1 ton to gallon = 31.75471 gallon

2 ton to gallon = 63.50941 gallon

3 ton come gallon = 95.26412 gallon

4 ton to gallon = 127.01882 gallon

5 ton come gallon = 158.77353 gallon

6 ton come gallon = 190.52823 gallon

7 ton to gallon = 222.28294 gallon

8 ton come gallon = 254.03764 gallon

9 ton to gallon = 285.79235 gallon

10 ton come gallon = 317.54706 gallon

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