In stimulate to number out the appropriate doses of chemistry for your pool, you need to determine how many gallons the water that holds. To execute that, you must use a leader to measure up your swimming pool to find out this four various numbers; Length, Width, typical depth and a multiplier that determines gallons.

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So below are the formulas to number out how much water is in her swimming pool:These formulas host true because that both Inground pools too as above ground pools.

Rectangular, Square or Free kind Pools:

Length x width x mean Depth x 7.5 = complete gallons

For example: 16′ x 32′ x 4.5′ x 7.5 = 17,280 Gallons

Circular Pools:

Diameter x Diameter x typical Depth x 5.9 = full gallons

For example: 18′ x 18′ x 4′ x 5.9 = 7,646 Gallons

Oval Pools:

Length x broad x typical Depth x 5.9 = full gallons

For example: 15′ x 30′ x 4′ x 5.9 = 10,620 Gallons

How to identify the typical Depth that a swimming Pool wherein the bottom slopes:

Below is a side-shot the the “typical” inground swimming pool that has actually a shallow finish (see “D”), then a slope the leads into the deep finish (see “C”).


First measure the depth the “D”, the shallow end (usually all over from 3′ come 5′), and also then measure up the depth the “C”, the deep end (usually anywhere in between 6′ and also 12′) . Then, add them together and also divide by 2. This is the typical depth of her pool.

For example, if her shallow end “D” is 3′, and your deep end “C” is 8′, this would certainly be her formula because that the mean Depth:

3′ + 8′ = 11′

11′ split by 2 = 5.5.

Therefore, in this example, your median depth would be 5 1/2 feet.

Most common Sizes of Inground rectangular Pools

Below, we have produced some handy charts that the most famous sizes that poolsand how plenty of gallons that water room in them.

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12′ X 24′8,6409,72010,80011,88012,960
14′ X 28′11,76013,23014,70016,17017,640
15′ X 30′13,50015,20019,90018,60020,250
16′ X 32′15,40017,30019,20021,10023,040
18′ X 36′19,40021,90024,30026,70029,160
20′ X 40′24,00027,00030,00033,00036,000
25′ X 45′33,75037,96842,18746,40650,625
25′ X 50′37,50042,20046,90051,60056,250
30′ X 50′45,00050,52556,25061,87567,500

Most usual Sizes Of above Ground Pools


Above floor Pools through a Depth that 48″ (4′)



12′ Round3,398
15′ Round5,310
18′ Round7,646
21′ Round10,407
24′ Round13,593
27′ Round17,204
28′ Round18,502
30′ Round21,240
33′ Round25,700
15′ x 30′ Oval10,620



12′ Round3,823
15′ Round5,973
18′ Round8,602
21′ Round11,708
24′ Round15,292
27′ Round19,354
28′ Round20,815
30′ Round23,895
33′ Round28,912
15′ x 30′ Oval11,947

More in-depth Information because that You:

If you room not utilizing a cabinet phone, and also are using a desktop computer computer, laptop or tablet, us do have a really detailed page with an ext information plus an digital Pool Water Calculator on our classic Pool and also Spa desktop computer site.Click here to watch our E-Z pool Water Calculator page.

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