THE Queen of heart Aretha Franklin, that was one of the many successful American singers of every time, passed away in respectable 2018 aged 76 from pancreatic cancer.

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Franklin's movie about her life, title Respect starring Jennifer Hudson, access time theaters on respectable 13, 2021.


Who room Aretha Franklin's children?

Aretha Franklin had 4 children.

Her first son Clarence to be born in 1955.

Two years later on she offered birth come her 2nd son Edward.

Then, after ~ marrying Ted White, she had a 3rd son, Teddy White Jr.

Aretha's youngest child Kecalf to be born in 1970.

All her children appear to have followed in her musical footsteps in some capacity.


Aretha was simply 12 when she had actually her an initial child in 1955.

According to biographer David Ritz, the dad of her oldest son Clarence to be Donald Burke, whom Franklin knew indigenous school.

But that was later on reported in among her handwritten wills, discovered in 2019, that Clarence's father was Edward Jordan - whom she go on to have actually son Edward through in 1957.

He was named after her father - American Baptist minister and also civil legal rights activist Clarence LaVaughn Franklin - and also he take it his mother's 2nd name.

Little is known around first-born Clarence's life but he reportedly had the the very least musical attention of her 4 sons.

He is believed to have written a number of songs, consisting of some videotaped by his mother.

It to be revealed in she handwritten wills the Franklin had made "special provisions" because that Clarence, currently 66.He has undisclosed distinct needs and also his existing occupation and exact whereabouts is unknown.



Edward Franklin performs during the funeral organization for his mother ArethaCredit: AP:Associated Press

Two years after providing birth to Clarence, Franklin, 14, invited Edward - the kid of Edward Jordan.

Edward, now 64, is a exceptional singer in his own right.

He performed number of duets v his mom over the years and also even sang at his grandfather's funeral in 2015.

Edward likewise sang at his mother's funeral in 2018.

Ted Jr

Franklin married her first husband Ted White aged 19 and also gave birth to Ted Jr in ~ 25 in 1964.

Ted Jr, now 57, is a effective singer and also guitarist.

He has released several albums and played at plenty of of his mother's concerts as Teddy Richards.

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He likewise performed as the opened act because that artists such as Seal, The Verve Pipe, and also Inxs.