Home Depot has established itself as one of the leading home advancement stores in the U.S., with thousands of locations stocking tools, materials, appliances, and other products. 

Customers amazed at the size of the stores may be wonder – where is the biggest Home Depot store, and also just how large is it? read on to discover what I’ve uncovered out around this! 

Where Is The best Home Depot keep In 2021? 

The best Home Depot is the Superstore situated in Vauxhall, brand-new Jersey, together of 2021. This residence Depot Superstore spans end 217,000 square feet (twice the dimension of an average residence Depot keep at 105,000 square feet) and also has number of amenities, services, and products in-store. 

If you desire to learn much more about the save timings the the largest residence Depot store, what amenities and services girlfriend can uncover inside it, and much more, store on reading! 

Where Is the World’s greatest Home Depot?  

The world’s greatest Home Depot have the right to be found at the complying with address: 2445 Springfield Ave, Vauxhall, brand-new Jersey, 07088, unified States. 

It is located in Vauxhall, new Jersey, and also has the location of residence Depot Superstore.  

When have the right to I Visit The world Largest residence Depot? 

You can visit the largest residence Depot save in Vauxhall, new Jersey, during its opening hours, i.e. from 6am come 10pm from Monday to Saturday, and from 7am to 8pm top top a Sunday. 

Note that the services and amenities operation within the world largest house Depot may differ from its traditional opening hours. 

Because that this, make sure you call ahead come confirm particular opening times to avoid disappointment. 

What Is inside The World’s biggest Home Depot? 


The world’s greatest Home Depot shows up to broaden on that traditional range of products and services.  

Online visitors to the store have provided a more comprehensive variety of commodities on screen and easily accessible for trial, which can be valuable for trialing potential purchases. 

Additionally, the house Depot in Vauxhall is able come offer much more showroom an are as well together an enclosed design studio as result of its larger store. 

Other than that, over there is also a fully-operational Dunkin’ Donuts within the store, i m sorry is an excellent for refreshments if shopping. 

Where Is The 2nd Biggest home Depot?

While the world’s largest home Depot is situated on the East coast of America, the second largest is situated on the West Coast. 

This save is located in Anaheim Hills, California, and also has a slightly smaller square clip of 204,000. 

You can discover this home Depot save in Anaheim Hills at: 1095 Pullman St, Anaheim, California, 92807, united States.  

What Is The average Size of A house Depot Store? 

The median size that a residence Depot store is approximately 105,000 square feet, making its at sight stores approximately twice the size of an mean store! 

Which State has the Most home Depot Stores? 

The state with the most residence Depot stores is California, v over 232 residence Depot stores, consisting of the 2nd largest store.  

It is very closely followed by Texas, with 180 home Depot stores, and also Florida, with 155 residence Depot stores. 

The state v the least amount of home Depot shop is Minnesota, having only 33 house Depot stores.  

Note the this is just one much less than Missouri, which has 34 home Depot stores.

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As the largest hardware retailer in the people with end 2200 stores and 500,000 associates, it comes together no surprise that home Depot has actually several large superstores. 

The largest residence Depot store is located on the East coast in Vauxhall, brand-new Jersey, and also the second largest house Depot is ~ above the West coastline in Anaheim Hills, California, which is also the state with the most residence Depot stores.