When someone states that they"ll perform something in "a pair of weeks" what does the mean? 2 weeks? 2-3 weeks? 2-5 weeks? a month? I understand everyone has actually their own definition. However it"s bugging me because I"m waiting for a details phone call

and I don"t desire to be recorded off guard. I have actually been keeping myself liven for the past 2 mainly (exactly) but today, while i was clean my apartment, ns realized the it has been 2 weeks! so I started to freak out a bit.


A couple of weeks? Anyone? Haha




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The word "couple" way two. A pair of mainly technically means two weeks. Civilization sometimes confuse this through the term, a few weeks, which has a more comprehensive range of time.

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If this is in referral to a job, ns wouldn"t host my breath over world sticking come timing. Many times, other worries crop up that need to be addressed, previous come contacting a potential new employee.


since I have actually a problem with judging time (unless I keep actual monitor of it through a calendar of course, which unfortunately I"m not great about doing) in mine head with everything else is going on in life...or really if nothing else is walk on, lol..well, I just live in my own world and time occasionally goes slow and also sometimes walk fast, you never ever know...you recognize what i mean?


And likewise since I have actually a tendency to procrastinate....especially when every little thing the task is might be other unpleasant, or if that is other pleasant that I may be looking front to yet I am nervous around for some factor (I have anxiety problems), or even sometimes once it is simply a random really neutral no big deal point that is no risk to me, I"ll procrastinate simply out of habit.


So for me "a couple weeks" in literal meaning time, would certainly honestly usually typical somewhere indigenous 2 and a half weeks to 3 weeks, more than likely (not favor I store track however I think so). It"s among those things where initially of course the word "couple" technically means two...and to some civilization these days the still way that, but for other civilization in this modern-day age, ns think we might kind of use it as simply a general guestimation the time, as in..."I will speak to you in a while"...but literally because that me the does still average a details time frame...Just the most most likely it is usually simply a small past the actual 2 weeks.


Or occasionally if the is something i am dreading and an ext official, I might literally typical 2 weeks, yet I just put the off due to the fact that I am nervous, and also then after a few days or a week walk by I ultimately realize that I need to do the wether I favor it or not, and bite the bullet. So because that me 2 and a fifty percent to 3 weeks seems around accurate.


Not that everyone is prefer me, lots of human being aren"t, thankfully.


But if it gets to be a month and also you quiet haven"t heard anything, I would assume that this person has actually either forgotten they told you they would certainly call, or there is a lot walking on in your life, and they are having actually one of those phases whereby all aspects of their stays are getting chaotic every at once and they don"t feel choose they can add another thing to their plate at this time wether that is a service situation or personal.

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But if the is yes, really bothering friend every day, and also your planning her days around waiting for a call, if they stated "a couple weeks" ...to me that way that after ~ 2 weeks and maybe a pair days has actually passed, you are permitted to call THEM. And also you don"t have actually to acquire on their case for being late, however just ask them if girlfriend could set up a time come talk when you space both complimentary wether the is tomorrow or a week native now. And also then you will have an official appointment time the they will certainly be much more likely come follow through on, for this reason you have the right to go about your job till then without worrying about missing a call.