Andy Griffith, photographed on the collection of TV"s "Salvage-1" close to Los Angeles, Feb. 23, 1979 plays salvage skilled extraordinaire take care of Broderick, hero of the series. He"s ideal known together Sheriff Andy Taylor that "the Andy Griffith show, i m sorry ran because that 8 year in the 1960s." (AP Photo)

It"s undeniable the actor Andy Griffith is just one of the many iconic TV stars of all time. Generations of households have delighted in watching The Andy Griffith Show through Griffith leading the city of Mayberry as Sheriff Andy Taylor. In enhancement to the well-known sitcom, Griffith additionally starred ~ above Matlock later on in life i beg your pardon is additionally widely beloved and also constantly appears in reruns.

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Throughout his life, Griffith was married three times to Barbara Bray Edwards, Greek actress Solica Cassuto, and third wife Cindi Knight. Despite the beloved gibbs passed away from a heart attack in 2012, he will constantly be remembered for his contribute to the TV world.

Though fans are most most likely much an ext familiar v his on-screen child Opie, play by Ron Howard, Griffith was in reality a dad in real life together well. He had two youngsters -- daughterDixie Griffith and also son Andy Griffith Jr.

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Andy Samuel Griffith Jr

Sam Griffith to be the very first child adopted by the actor and his firstwife Barbara Bray Edwards. He functioned as a real-estate developer, opting no to monitor in the footsteps of his mommy (also one actor) and father Andy. But after his parents divorced as a teenager, Sam"s personal life suffered and also a rift formed in between him and also his father together he began to suffer from alcoholism.

Tragically, Sam passed far at the period of 38 from liver failure after year of alcohol abuse. His sister Dixie stated that she father was simply too upper heart from the ns to actually attend her brother"s funeral.

"It impacted my dad top top a very, very deep level," said Dixie throughout an interview withFox News. "I went to my brother"s funeral service, but my dad wasn"t able come go. There would be too countless magazines and also cameras, and it just wasn"t a great place for him to be."

Dixie Nann Griffith

Dixie, also adopted, to be the just daughter of Andy Griffith. Growing up, the family would invest a lot of time increase in phibìc Carolina, where the actor was complimentary to live as much from the Hollywood lifestyle as possible. She never prospered up reasoning of Griffith together an actor. Despite she"s incredibly proud of every one of his accomplishments, that was just her dad and always made time to invest time v her regardless of just how much time he invested working top top his TV show.

"For the millions of his fans and people who loved him, he represented something else. But he was my dad," Dixie described to theDenver Post.

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"So many human being wanted to it is in a part of him. The goes earlier to the time as soon as his display was on. It to be such a sweet show, representing Americana at its best," she said. "We lengthy for the in a means -- the simpler times, the gentler times."

Dixie definitely grew up out of the limelight and also doesn"t also remember visiting her father"s sets as a child. She father was incredibly protective that his family"s exclusive life i beg your pardon is an extremely refreshing come hear. Yet despite she father"s success, Dixie never ever had any type of desire to occupational in display business and currently enjoys she low-key life in Denver, Colorado.

"I might have been on the producers roster. I made decision not to. Exact same goes for cultivation up. Ns didn"t thrive up in the spotlight. That course," she said, "this was prior to people hid in the bushes exterior your door and there to be cameras everywhere. My dad was fiercely safety of us. Ns respected his privacy every my life. I have kept a pretty low profile, which i still plan on doing."