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From centerfold to football mom! Kendra Wilkinson has come a long method since her days at the Playboy mansion. Today, the Girls next Door alum is the proud mommy of she two children — son Hank, 10, and also daughter Alijah, 6 — whom she shares v her ex-husband, Hank Baskett.

The previous reality star and the athlete very first got married in 2009 yet started to endure marital troubles in 2014 after the former NFL player was associated in supposed cheating scandal. The previous playmate filed for divorce in 2018 and also cited “irreconcilable differences” as the factor for their split. The coparents finalized your divorce in February 2019, yet they do their ideal to get along for the benefits of your children.

Kendra loves “spending so much time” with her children amid quarantine, she specifically told In Touch in April. “It’s actually been really significant … being together every one of these hours, you are kind of required to gain closer.”

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Little Hank Is a challenger Like His Daddy

The previous flames invited their boy in December 2009 and he instantly picked up his parents’ compete edge. The small boy is quite the athlete and Kendra often short articles photos at his soccer games. “This goal was worth posting. Mine beast boy out there killin it,” the blonde beauty beauty captioned a video clip of tiny Hank scoring a goal in 2018. He also loves playing hockey and also his mom revealed he to be MVP the his team in 2019.

In enhancement to gift a competitor, he’s likewise taken a liking come the arts. “Hank is a really serious, old heart kinda kid. really have interest in listening come music yet when he discovered the keyboard/piano things changed,” Kendra mutual in February. “He likes to create and perform music.”

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Alijah definitely Takes After she Mommy

Alijah perfect the Baskett household after her birth in 2014. Favor her mom, the cutie has a love for athletics but likewise enjoys embracing she girly side. She loves a good princess dress and also is a large fan of the Frozen franchise. In April, Kendra common a sweet minute in i m sorry she gained a manicure from her daughter. “The makeover the Alijah offered me yesterday offered me life.”

Like she brother, Alijah is additionally interested in music and also takes piano lessons. “She wants to express everything creatively and sing do like a Broadway music star,” Kendra said, adding she “reminds me the a small Taylor Swift.” the looks prefer Kendra has actually raised part wonderful kids!