Tim Hawkins is a Christian songwriter and also comedian who got fame for his well-known parodies like “The liquid Man” and “Dust in the Wind.”

His stand-up comedy routines frequently include references to some funny moments he has actually experienced as the dad of 4 children.

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In addition, Hawkins’s subject include:

food (“Eating a Krispy Kreme donut is favor eating a infant angel”);worship music (“Pick the ideal key, due to the fact that I’m not Barry White and I’m no a bee Gee”);marital interactions (“Marriage demands a an obstacle flag, like in agree football”).

Tim said about his shows:

“Most of mine comedy now comes from reality. I find laughs come from person connection, joy. We have to look at the straightforward needs of the individual.”


He was born on march 26, 1963.

Hawkins has one brother called Todd Hawkins, who is his phase manager.

During his time at the university of Missouri (a study university in Columbia the was established in 1839), Tim play on the school’s baseball team.

In 2002, he provided up his job as a grocery truck driver. Tim then began stand-up comedy across the US.

In November 2014, Hawkins filmed his 6th concert DVD, named – “That’s the Worst.” Additionally, Tim has produced the complying with DVDs:

Tunafish Sandwich;Cletus take the Reel;I’m No Rockstar.

On November 25, 2016, he exit his ninth comedy special, titled – “Just around Enough.”


He began his YouTube channel on respectable 27, 2007. His YouTube channel has collected over 384,000 subscribers.

Tim said about this platform:

“YouTube to be the engine whereby it every started. A young kid made a stick figure video clip to go along to one of my songs, and it took off from there.”

His most popular video is named – ”Cletus take the Reel.” The video was released on December 4, 2007, and it has practically 8 million views. His second most viewed video is titled – ”Things you Don’t speak To her Wife.” The video was published on April 30, 2009, and it has actually over 7 million views.


He has actually his own podcast, dubbed – ”Poddy Break through Tim Hawkins.” throughout the podcast, he touches on any number of topics through his friends, cousins, and also fellow comedians. According to that is description:

”Tim talks to a myriad of guests around life, comedy, and the nuances of llama property – It’s like a bounce residence for your brain.”


In 1993, Tim Hawkins gained married to Heather.

”Love isn’t a feeling,” Tim said about his love for his wife. ”It’s a choice. It’s likewise not a competition. It’s a ar you have actually to allow yourself to it is in vulnerable.”


The pair has 3 sons and a daughter – Spencer, Jeffery, Jackson, and Olivia.

His youngsters are homeschooled.

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On august 4, 2015, he published his publication titled – ” Diary the a Jackwagon.” In the book, Hawkins reminds his readers that for life’s struggles, laughter is the finest medicine.


“Real faith is no an absence of actual doubt, that the existence of a actual relationship.”

”Good friend are prefer fine wine. That’s why I store mine locked in the cellar.”

”This morning, ns accidentally placed my glasses on end my contacts. And also when ns looked in the mirror, I witnessed my grandfather when he was a baby.”

“It’s not choose I have a choice. Comedy is my just life skill.”

”When ns on the road, i’m on the road. As soon as home, ns home. Ns don’t write as much at residence anymore.”

“The three points I want to be stated at my funeral are: “He do the people better,” “His household will miss him,” and ” Hey! He’s awake!”

“You understand stories around identical twins that room separated at birth then reunited later? That never ever happens with socks.”

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DVDs and CDs

Here space his exit CDs and also DVDs:

Tuna Fish Sandwich;Pretty Pink Tractor;Extremely Madeover;Rockshow Comedy tour (with john Branyan and also Bob Smiley);Cletus take the Reel;The government Can;Full selection of Motion;Bananas II;I’m No Rockstar;Insanitized.


Tim is a cousin of Freight Mabrey, an American tour manager and also podcast personality. His pan are recognized as “Dalfreightions.” Freight regularly does impressions of pirates and Gonzo and also uses witty comeback lines known as “Freightbacks.”

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Tim Hawkins – net Worth


Hawkins earns many of his money indigenous his stand-up comedy shows. Because that instance, Tim has more than 100 sold-out shows per year. In addition, Tim performed live in prior of nearly 200,000 fans, in 32 states, in 2013.

Moreover, Hawkins selling merch (hats, t-shirts, stickers) on his website. Also, Tim has actually a YouTube channel through over 131 million see (about $300,000 in revenue). He likewise has a book and several DVDs published.

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Therefore, singer Tim Hawkins has actually an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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