How to Convert Milliamp-Hours to Watt-Hours

Milliamp-hours, abbreviated mAh or mA·h, are a measure of electric charge. They are most often used to measure the electrical charge of a battery.

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Watt-hours, expressed as Wh or W·h, are a measure of electrical energy. Wh are usually used to measure the energy consumption of a circuit or appliance.

The conversion from electric charge to energy requires the voltage and can be done using the formula below.

mAh to Wh Conversion Formula

Wh = (mAh × V) ÷ 1,000

Thus, the energy in watt-hours is equal to the charge in milliamp-hours times the voltage, then divided by 1,000.

For example, convert the charge used by the average C battery, which is 8,000 mAh at 1.5 V, to Wh.

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Wh = (8,000 mAh × 1.5 V) ÷ 1,000Wh = 12,000 ÷ 1,000Wh = 12 Wh

Common Battery Charge to Energy Conversions

Milliamp-hour to watt hour conversions for common battery sizesBattery SizeCapacity (mAh)Energy (Wh)Voltage
AA2,700 mAh4.05 Wh1.5 V
AAA1,200 mAh1.8 Wh1.5 V
AAAA625 mAh0.9375 Wh1.5 V
C8,000 mAh12 Wh1.5 V
D12,000 mAh18 Wh1.5 V
9V565 mAh5.085 Wh9 V

Try converting amp-hours to kilowatt-hours.


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