Standard table and chair heights vary in between countries and companies, for this reason it’s necessary to inspect supplied dimensions prior to buying furniture online, or take your own measurements. You can also contact her contractor come take dimensions of your space and offer recommendations on the ideal dining table height and also size for her design.

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Matching her table and chair height is necessary for guests to have space to move their elbows and cross your legs. Below we perform the basic standard table and counter heights for dining, kitchens, life rooms, bathrooms and more. Girlfriend can additionally read just how to calculate the best table size for your room, or how to calculate office and desk chair heights.


What Is conventional Table Height?

There is no exact industry traditional for table height, although plenty of companies create furniture in heat with median table and chair heights sold in your country.

In any type of case, doing your own measurements and also calculations room important, especially if she trying to enhance table and also chairs from various suppliers. If you opting for practice furniture, listed below we explain in information how to calculation table and chair height are below.

Different rules use if you space measuring her ergonomic desk and office chair heights.

Average Table Height RangeStandard Table elevation (inches)Standard Table height (cm)
Standard dining table height28–30 inches30 inches76cm
Standard kitchen table height28–30 inches30 inches76cm
Standard respond to height34–39 inches36 inches91.5cm
Standard bar table height40–43 inches42 inches106.5cm
Standard coffee table height18–20 inches20 inches51cm
Standard side table height22–30 inches25 inches63.5cm
Standard console table height24–42 inches30 inches76cm
Standard nightstand height24–28 inches25 inches63.5cm
Standard office desk height28–30 inches29 inches73.5cm
Standard bathroom respond to height30–36 inches32 inches81cm

What Is typical Chair Height?

Similar to table height, there is no definite sector standard for chair heights.

Chair heights generally selection up to 17–19 customs (43–48cm) native the chair leg to the top of the seat. Stool heights variety from 16–23 customs (40–58cm). These chair heights space standard come fit under tables from 28–30 inch (71–76cm). You should additionally account for any kind of apron (support beam) under the table.

For comfortable seating, that is encourage to permit at least 9–13 inch (23–33cm) between your table or counter and the chair seat, through 12 inches (30.5cm) being a spacious allowance. This permits guests to comfortably cross their legs under the table.

If you space measuring a workdesk chair, read our office article.

Average Chair height RangeStandard Chair height (inches)Standard Chair elevation (cm)
Dining table chair heights17–19 inches18"45–50 cm
Kitchen table chair heights17–19 inches18"45–50 cm
Desk chair heights17–19 inches18"45–50 cm
Counter chair heights24–26 inches24"61cm
Bar chair heights28–32 inches30"76cm

Calculating typical Table & Chair Heights

Below room some examples of comfortable chair heights come match specific standard dining heights. For much more space, consider stools or benches together a seating choice.

Standard Dining Table Heights28 inches29 inches30 inches32 inches36 inches40 inches42 inches
Standard Chair Heights15–19"16–20"17–21"19–23"23–27"27–31"29–33"

How to measure Table Height

Standard table elevation measurements room taken native the floor come the peak of the table or counter. This means you require to think about a lower chair height if you have a special table height or overhanging counter.

How to measure Chair Height

Standard chair heights room measured native the chair legs to the peak of the chair surface. You perform not include the height of the chair back or armrests in your dimensions unless you setup to on slide chairs completely under the table or counter.

If you are picking chairs with armrests, permit around 7 inch (18cm) in between the armrest and also the underside of her table or apron.

Bench seating is measure in the same way. The ADA sets a typical bench seat height of 17–19 customs (43–48cm) above the floor.


Standard Dining Table Height

The conventional dining room table elevation is around 28–30 inch (71–76cm), measured native the ground to the tabletop surface.

Formal dining tables often tend to it is in closer to 30 inches, while informal dining table heights average roughly 29 customs tall. Enlarge tables likewise tend to be lower, approximately 28–29 inches.

Varying the elevation of a typical dining height deserve to feel unnatural, however slight. This is sometimes resulted in by place a an extremely thick table top onto a typical base height, therefore considering these aspects is vital when deciding measurements for any custom furniture.

Low Dining Table Height

If girlfriend opt for lounge-style or short seating – through seat heights below 16 inches (40cm) – you deserve to fit a reduced dining table elevation of roughly 26 customs (66cm).

Standard Kitchen Table Heights, Islands and also Counters

Kitchen table heights are the exact same as dining table heights, roughly 30 inches (76cm).

However, if you want seating for a kitchen island or counter, you should consider a taller height. Respond to table heights room usually collection at 34–39 inches (86–99cm), through 36 inch (91.5cm) gift a standard size. Read more on exactly how to calculation the right bar or counter stool height.


Standard Console Table Height

Console tables are often pushed versus a wall surface or behind a sofa, so these aspects influence the traditional console table heights. In general, a console table must be no taller 보다 the sofa back height, or approximately 1 inch (2.5cm) below.

For entrance console tables and also buffet consoles, target for approximately 33 inches (84cm). Otherwise, console tables are commonly the same elevation as dining tables (28–30 inches).

TV consoles are typically higher. Because that optimal TV the town hall height, measure roughly 42 inch (107cm) from the floor to the TV’s center, then calculate your right console height. This matches a sofa seat elevation of 18 inches, to add 24 inches i m sorry is the basic eye-level of an adult in a peaceful seating position.

Standard Coffee Table Height

Coffee tables are usually set at roughly 18–20 inch (45–50cm) high, to develop a comfortable balance between standard sofa and also chair heights.

Otherwise, the traditional coffee table elevation is typically the same elevation as the cushions on her soft, or in ~ 1–2 customs (2.5–5cm) lower.

Other design rules include leaving a walkway room of 12–18 inches (30–45cm) between your coffee table and sofa, plus picking a coffee table the is about two-thirds the length of her sofa.


Standard Nightstand Height

There is no standard bedside table elevation as it is commonly in line through the height of the mattress. However, the most usual bed elevation is roughly 25 customs (63.5cm), and also most nightstands selection between 24–28 inches (61–71cm). Tables don’t have to be similar heights, however should be within 2 inch (5cm) the each other to produce visual balance.

From a laying position, the is an ext comfortable come raise your arm than lower it. Because that this reason, the average nightstand height is measured to line up through the top of her mattress or as much as 2–6 customs (5–15cm) higher.

Standard next Table Height

Side tables are sensible furniture pieces supplied for lounge seating or hallways, therefore measurements change depending on bordering furniture and also the function, because that example, setting down a drink or put a lamp.

Standard next table heights room usually designed to be equal to or just listed below the elevation of sofa armrests, i m sorry are around 25 inches (63.5cm), return this varies widely so exact measurements are important. Many side tables are between 22–30 inches (56–76cm).

A general dominance is save your side table elevation to within 2 customs of the sofa armrest height; because that example, if a sofa arm is 24 inch high, an appropriate side table height would be 22–26 inches. although if girlfriend can’t uncover an appropriate side table height for her sofa, aim for much shorter rather taller, to make it simple to set a drink or publication down.

If you setup to usage the side table for a lamp, choose a side table height so the the basic of the lampshade isn’t higher than eye level when seated alongside it. If the lamp won’t be in ~ an eye-level, consider a side table elevation that works with surrounding furniture, lamp size or ceiling height.

There room exceptions wherein taller side tables deserve to work, for example, if there is a collection of side tables whereby at the very least one is below the armrest height, or the side table serves another duty in a high-ceiled room or hallway.

If her sofa has actually no armrests, calculate the conventional side table height in heat to where the arms would be, or select a table in ~ the same elevation as the seat height.


Standard Bathroom respond to Height

If you’re installation a bathroom counter, the standard height is roughly 34–35 inches (86–89cm). If you setup to download a built-in vanity, you may take into consideration lowering it to the standard 30 inches to fit chairs through a seat height of 17–19 inches.

Bathroom vanity cabinets are usually a standard height of 32 inches (80cm), although selection from 30–36 inches. Newer, modern vanities are occasionally higher, beginning at 36 customs (91cm), referred to as ‘comfort’ vanities because you don’t must bend come wash your hands.

The Americans v Disabilities action sets the minimum and also maximum conventional vanity heights in ~ 29–34 inch (with integrated sinks).

Standard Bar Table Height

Bar tables variety in elevation from 40–43 customs (102–109cm), although 42 (107cm) is a common standard bar table height. You deserve to comfortably customize a bar table height up come 44–47 inches (112–119cm) for a modern-day look, although consider a greater bar stool height as well. We administer a table of standard bar stool heights.


Office Tables and also Chairs

The ideal ergonomic height for each human being in the office relies on your body measurements. Us explain an ext in our post on exactly how to calculation your ideal office desk and also chair heights.

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Custom Table and Chair Heights

If you’re having trouble equivalent table and chair heights from traditional furniture collections, take into consideration custom furniture as a solution. Custom wooden furniture, for example, can be easily adjusted to fit with contemporary chair draft or vice versa.