For hundreds of years, human beings have arisen technologies the yield the maximum lot of opponent fatalities in initiatives to protect the home front. Together time progresses, so, too, execute the approaches military leaders use to strike are afraid into the mind of their deadly opponents. One such danger that dates ago hundreds of year is the of a chemical strike that have the right to strike in one instant and also indiscriminately kill.

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Chemical strikes were deployed top top the battlefields of world War ns and, back they’re looked under on by lot of today’s global community, they can still be deployed at any time. Now much more than ever, U.S. Troops room trained to defend themselves from potential dangers using specialized gear. This gear is ranked by Mission Oriented Protective attitude (MOPP) levels, i beg your pardon ensure the troops have ideal protection against any quantity of chemistry threat.

Here’s just how to defend yourself native a chemistry attack

Marines and also sailors through the 11th MEU’s command element put their MOPP gear on throughout the 11th MEU’s gas room training.

(Photo by Lance Cpl. Demetrius Morgan)

MOPP levels variety from zero to four. They’re based on current chemical and also biological threats and can elevate in minutes, so troops must constantly be prepared. Over garments, gas masks and also hoods, boot covers, and also gloves round the end the gear important to safeguard troops.

Level 0

MOPP level zero is simply having all the equipment stated over on-hand and ready come don. Though chemical threats room unlikely, they do exist and service members need to be ready.

MOPP level zero

Level 1

MOPP level one requires the troop come don end garments. This way a chemical risk is present, for this reason troops need to remain alert, together the hazard might escalate at any type of time.

MOPP level one.

Level 2

As the danger increases, so carry out MOPP levels. MOPP level 2 mandates that ground pounders quickly put on the both over garments and also boot covers.

MOPP level two

Level 3

Moving on come MOPP level three. Service members need to don over garments, a gas mask and also hood, and boot covers. At this level, the hazard of coming in contact with hazardous vapors is high.

MOPP level three

Level 4

Lastly, MOPP level four — which is, by far, the scariest of lock all. This level requires over garments, gas masks and also hoods, gloves, and also boot consists to it is in worn as a chemistry or biological threat is existing in the area.

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MOPP level four

To recognize threat levels, troops usage M9 paper, which deserve to detect the presence of fluid chemical agents, choose nerve agents. Once this document comes in call with a harmful agent, it transforms a red brown color. This tape is usually placed in well-occupied, extremely visible locations for constant monitoring.