In my rebuilding task I have counted 18 outlets and lights top top one bedroom circuit that travels through 3 rooms. Is that ok?




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Also, examine your breaker. You deserve to have as plenty of outlets ~ above a single circuit together you like*, however you need to be careful due to the fact that you have the right to only traction so much current from the circuit at a time. because that example, don"t expect to operation an electrical chainsaw and also a vacuum at the exact same time turn off a solitary 15A circuit. If you have a 15A breaker attached i m sorry is most likely the case, I would certainly recommend no running any significant appliances (Such as a Microwave or window AC unit) off of it, because that will certainly take up most of her juice, and also one too many lamps in the various other 17 outlets might trip her breaker. If you need to run a hefty appliance, simply wire in an additional circuit, and don"t drill a hole through the wires near the breaker crate (Voice the experience).

*Some areas such together Belgium limit you come 8 outlets on a circuit, or you violate wiring code.

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Depends where you are and for what worth of yes you are looking. So long as the breaker is 15 amps it must be "safe."
Ratchet Freak mentions a certain numerical limitation in Belgium. Other people have pointed out some assessors in the US having an expectation that "around 7" yet I don"t think password was ever uncovered to support that, other than the code of "do what that takes to gain the inspector off your back."

Personally, I"d rest it up, and also separate lighting indigenous outlets (I detest being left in the dark once something plugged into an outlet reasons a trip.) However, if the mass of what is happening in ~ the outlets is "nothing" or "wall-wart because that a phone" or basically if friend don"t trip it much, you could leave it alone. It"s certainly going to it is in cheaper to do nothing.

Without knowing how many devices to be lights .vs. Outlets, I"d execute lighting and also probably at the very least 2 outlet circuits, perhaps 3. Yet I have a particular philosophy, and also there"s no code need to do it my way.

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Ontario, Canada Code: 15 systems on a 15Amp circuit breaker

1 irradiate = 1 unit;

a common plug-in outlet = 2 units

My comments

this requirements revision: A common 15 Amp circuit deserve to support 300 LED light bulbs (60W equivilent output) without blowing!

suggest a separate circuit because that a computer system

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There room some assumptions that to be missed in this discussion, so i will point out the absent questions by listing castle here.

a. Complete length of power supply wiring?b. Complete wire gauge.

c. What is the supposed maximum pack ?

d. What is the circuit breaker rating?

e. Is the power supply circuit "shared" by outlets and also lighting? (this is a usual mistake)

the answers fairly frankly readily available advice without even considering or mentioning facts around the architecture of this currently circuit.

my an initial reaction reading this, what this does no sound like a well designed system. The looks favor there was too few funds or not enough talent come actually architecture a safe and great working electrical system in your home.

(I was actually trying to find a pretty schematic for a 4 method switch come 19 LED recessed ceiling lamp so I can share that with a co worker that is just beginning out and is eager to learn)

Here is what happens as soon as you uncover this type of work:

usually there are various other mistakes made that come earlier to haunt you as soon as the walls go up!

lights flicker or breakers pop when everyone wakes up, or goes to take a shower, or basically whenever over there is also much pack for the circuit.

is the wire also adequate for the meant load. Remember electric safety 101......when every else stops working the wire should be able to hold up....but if the wire is wrong, or the load is simply ridiculous due to the fact that someone wanted to be cheap...then, an episode the weenies....burnpile chicken anyone?

other points I see as soon as I go looking when I view underbuilt circuits:

grounds not mounted or not correctly....zap...thank you may I have actually another.

wire damaged throughout installed.....nice weld joint in your switch crate dude! the charcoal discoloration really brings the end the curtains in this room!

wrong sizes breakers..pop....pop...pop...pop...

GFCI not mounted correctly or no at every in the "best locations"....might too just rod a fork in the outlet and get it end with....seriously.

wire cables no routed effectively or hanging dangerously near warmth sources of spicy points and objects.

943 cable cables every "homerunned" in a chop bundle around one foot in diamter...squeezed along with zip ties recognize to pass v tight attic spaces that take trip towward the dashboard breaker box. Yes, the creative...Yes, it is sexy looking therefore tight........mister voltage drop because of wire heat and other electromagnetic forces (inductance) just caused a major power problem that this household will invest years and also countless thousands make the efforts to figure out why irradiate dim and fade...randomly...even once the use on the circuit is in ~ "spec".

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I to be an avionics"s the wires"s the freaking wires. Overbuild her will thank yourself because that spending a little much more today...