Not too lengthy ago, Craigslist update their photo uploader. You have the right to use much larger and higher quality pics ~ above Craigslist now. In ~ the time, they stuck to only letting friend upload 4 pictures. Now you have the right to upload up to 8 pictures.

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Having the alternative to use an ext than four photos is good for digital sellers and it is a great upgrade for Craigslist.

You deserve to make her ads look really professional and you have the right to include more angles and also close-ups of the product girlfriend are selling so buyers have a fingerprint idea that what they are going come buy.

There have been many times when I’ve had 5 or six great pics because that an ad, but I would require to reduced a pair to right the four picture max.

Who benefits from this format?

The brand-new format is good for world that short article larger items such as cars, family appliances and also furniture. It is really hard to showcase a auto only using 4 pictures.

Now you can use full-car shots, plus add detailed images of the interior, the engine, etc.

I have clicked through different cities and also it looks like the update is accessible in all of them. Below is exactly how the new format works.

Lets say I have actually an M-Audio cause Finger drum control surface because that sale.


I would take images of it and also crop and edit them as normal. However, over there is a knob lacking and over there is part wear ~ above the peak left that the create Finger.

So, due to the fact that I have the right to use up to eight pics, I will certainly make sure I take it a couple of close-up pics the those areas to present the buyer there room some flaws so they aren’t surprised as soon as they show up come buy it. I took the typical “full-body shot”, then i took a bunch of close-up photos.

Now, what is different about the listing process?

When you pick the city and category to post an item for sale, that is the normal summary screen. Friend fill the end the title, price, location and describe the item together normal. However, currently when girlfriend click the continue button, that takes you come a separate screen to upload pics.

The display will say “add image” and also it will have a Browse button (pictured above). Click Browse, find your photo and upload it. Friend can add anywhere indigenous one to eight.

Just save clicking Browse and uploading her pictures. Ns recommend using almost everywhere from 4 to every 8 slots. Potential buyers will certainly appreciate see as countless images that the item together they can so they can see specifically what they space getting.


After you have the photos uploaded, click the done with pictures button and it will certainly take you back to the summary page where you deserve to review the advertisement before posting. If every little thing looks cool, then go ahead and also post her ad.

Here are some rapid tips about taking pictures:

1. Make sure you clean your item prior to you snap your shots.

2. Take it clear and focused pictures. Crop and also edit castle if needed.

3. If there is damages on the product, take a close-up pic of the damage. Many buyers have the right to overlook a tiny damage as lengthy as they understand it is there prior to they show up come buy.

4. Encompass pictures of any accessories had with the item.

5. Be honest. Virtual buyers love Craigslist sellers that are honest around the items castle sell. Don’t try to hide anything. If you speak something is in like-new condition, but there are a most scratches, the the person who lives is walk to an alert the scratches and also you will have an dissatisfied customer.


The ad will look prefer this.

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Notice, i have contained many angles and also areas the the trigger Finger to display it’s precise condition. And also in the really ad, when a buyer puts the computer mouse over the smaller sized squares, that photograph will show up in the larger area.

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