During one NFL game, you can see one team kick the ball during a kickoff that lands in the end zone. The pat is over, and both teams (offense and defense) resume play additional up the field. You could wonder why the returning team let the sphere bounce in the finish zone and why the play was over. This contact is known as a touchback in football. Learn an ext about this ruling, how many yards a team gets, and an ext below!

What is a Touchback in Football?

A touchback happens when referees dominance a play dead ~ above a absent after the ball leaves the ar through the protective team’s end zone in American football. As a result, once play resumes, the team beginning their offensive drive from your 25-yard line. There space no points awarded for a touchback.

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A touchback can also occur if a player records a kick in the end zone and also chooses not to return the ball. If the recipient refuses to return the record by running, they need to go on one knee. Gaining on one knee signals to the refs that you room opting for a touchback.

How plenty of Yards is a Touchback?

When a team receive a touchback, the round is placed at the 25-yard heat to begin the following drive. Historically, soccer teams obtained the sphere at your 20-yard line. However, in 2012, the NCAA embraced a rule readjust that moved the touchback starting position five yards. The NFL adopted the college football dominion for touchbacks six years later, in 2018.

What reasons a Touchback in Football?

A touchback is the automatic start of an offensive drive at the 25-yard line after the round leaves the ar through a team’s end zone ~ above the vault play. Functionally, a touchback occurs since there’s no method to point out a sphere that has actually either left the ar of play v the end zone. Generally, special teams units room most often responsible because that touchbacks, as they commonly occur during kicking plays. However, there are a few other scenarios where touchbacks happen to start the next offensive drive.

What NFL Plays create the Touchback Rule?


Most people recognize a touchback throughout kicking plays, such as kickoffs and punts. These distinct teams’ plays try to gain the round as deep as feasible to expand the next scoring drive and reduce one opponent’s opportunity of scoring.

During a kickoff or free-kick, a ball is i do not care a touchback if it touches the soil in the the contrary team’s end zone. If the soccer rolls out of the back-end region or touches the field goal post, the is a touchback. Finally, the receiving team’s returner deserve to wave a same catch and down the round in the end zone to cause a touchback.

Unlike kickoffs, punting dram always an outcome in a touchback if the sphere touches the floor in the end zone. Touchbacks can also occur if the offensive team fumbles the ball in your own finish zone and also goes out of bounds.

If a defensive player reasons the fumble, this results in a touchback for the defense. If the offense reasons the fumble, the play is a safety, giving the defense 2 points. A fumble can force a touchback if the violation fumbles the forward and rolls the end of bounds afterward.

Kicking Scenarios the Negate a Touchback

Several occasions can occur in an opponent’s end zone throughout a free-kick that have the right to negate what would certainly otherwise it is in a routine touchback. A ball have to be referred to as dead one of two people in the finish zone or past it. However, until the officials declare the sphere dead, over there are several things both the offense and also the defense deserve to do come negate the touchback.

For example, if the kickoff returner doesn’t tide for a fair record or take a knee in the end zone, they can enter the ar of play to begin the offensive drive. This way that the next drive will begin at the point out of the round down by contact. The NFL rulebook also states that the sphere carrier can’t re-enter the finish zone after cross the score line. If a reciever re-enters the finish zone after cross the goal line, they commit a safety and security penalty.

Historically, soccer rules enabled offensive football player on the kicking team to shot and recoup kickoffs and punts in the opponent’s end zone for a touchdown. However, the nationwide Football league amended these rules in an effort to avoid dangerous collisions.

Conclusion about Touchbacks in Football

In conclusion, a touchback occurs as soon as a ball lands in a team’s finish zone after a kicking play. A touchback can arise if the defensive team causes a fumble in the the opposite team’s end zone. ~ the touchback, the next scoring journey starts at the the contrary team’s 25-yard line.

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The idea behind the touchback is to perform two things. First, you want to create a safe setting for the receiver. For example, enabling a touchback top top a catch in the finish zone stop the protective team indigenous crashing into them. Second, teams can want to preserve as much time on the clock as possible to victory a game. The clock doesn’t operation if you can speak to a touchback or let the sphere roll out of the end zone top top a kick.