Here’s the dilemma: You"ve recently stopped having cereals for breakfast since you recognize just exactly how laden v sugar they deserve to be. You understand you"re act the responsible adult thing and also taking charge of your health. 

You additionally know a high-protein, low-sugar diet can help with load loss. But there"s additionally only so many times you deserve to have eggs because that breakfast. You uncover yourself desire the lull food of her childhood mornings — sugary and brightly-colored mouthfuls the delight: a key filled v crunchy, tasty cereal.

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Well, crave no more. We"re below to tell you that you deserve to have her cereal and also eat the too. The secret lies in the points. Weight Watchers points, the is. If you can join the WW regime for weight loss, over there are specific principles you can take on when it concerns breakfast cereals there is no officially joining load Watchers. 

Weight Watchers: SmartPoints or PointsPlus?

If you"ve only newly looked right into Weight Watchers, you"re probably much more familiar v their present SmartPoints system. Previous weight Watchers members, however, would know about the old PointsPlus system. If the rule of both weight administration approaches is the same — consume food with as few points as possible to help help weight lose — the new SmartPoints has a stronger focus on limiting saturated fat and sugars.

Unfortunately, an altering over to SmartPoints has caused part grief for weight Watchers followers, as several of their favorite foodstuffs would have actually climbed increase the points ladder. This is since PointsPlus values were calculated utilizing the total fat, carbs, fiber, and protein in food.

On the various other hand, the values of SmartPoints very first come native calories, through the amount of protein in the food lowering the suggest value, and saturated fat and also sugar increasing it. This means even if other were low in calorie (which would make them short in PointsPlus values), they can still have high SmartPoints due to the fact that of the high sugar content.

The significant benefit of the Freestyle diet, on which SmartPoints is based, is that it"s a device that moves past counting calories and also focuses on what you"re eat to make far better choices. 

According to load Watchers, by complying with their Freestyle diet, "people had actually less hunger, under cravings, and much more happiness — and lost a clinically far-ranging amount the weight." 

So if you"re looking come overhaul your lifestyle, eat healthier, and cut under sugar, the load Watchers diet may be one come consider.

When you"re top top the main Weight Watchers program, you"ll get a personalized profile, informing you how numerous SmartPoints you’re allowed each day to accomplish your weight loss goals. You"re welcome to eat or drink anything friend want, so lengthy as you don"t use up all your SmartPoints spending plan doing so.

If you"re not on the program yet would choose to monitor the Freestyle diet, there room calculators obtainable online to help you calculation your SmartPoints allowance, as well as the SmartPoints value of foods. 

If you think the Freestyle diet appears a small restrictive, there"s likewise a perform of 200 ZeroPoint foodstuffs — food and drinks that won"t price you any type of points, so you deserve to have as lot as girlfriend like. 


The main reason nutritionists are telling united state to consume totality grains is since compared to the white, refined version, totality grain foodstuffs have higher fiber, crucial vitamins, minerals, and also antioxidant content. This way whole grains have the right to reduce your danger of emerging health problems such as heart disease, colon cancer, and also diabetes. 

At the very same time, the fiber found in entirety grain foods not only helps your digestive mechanism to work properly, it additionally keeps girlfriend fuller because that longer. This way you don"t should eat a lot to store you emotion full.

Seek out whole grain wheat cereal, entirety grain oats, or steel reduced oats. Optimal with fruit such as blueberries, bananas, or fresh days (all of which have actually zero SmartPoints values) and also you"ll be feeling full all morning.

Serving size play a huge part in what friend can and also can"t eat — and also how much. That goes without saying that the an ext you eat, the fuller you"ll feel. This renders it critical to select foods that you have the right to eat in larger quantities without making use of up all of your SmartPoints because that the day.

For example, based on our list below, you might have 28 grams of basic Mills Cheerios, i beg your pardon will price you 3 SmartPoints. For the exact same amount of SmartPoints, you might be having actually 66 grams the The grain School cereal. That"s three complete servings! (Not the we"re counting.)


Now the you know what types of breakfast cereals you should look because that while top top a weight Watchers diet, yes a great chance girlfriend don’t want to invest time figuring out how plenty of SmartPoints each serving is worth.

Since we’re right here to assist you out, we’ve excellent the research and narrowed it down to eight breakfast cereals that you have the right to have, no one of which will expense you more than 4 SmartPoints every serving. 

Keep in mind the the SmartPoints provided to each grain don’t encompass milk, so select something with reduced saturated fat (such together rice milk or almond milk) to keep your all at once SmartPoints low.

1. The grain School: 1 SmartPoint per 22 grams (one bag), available from The grain School.

2. Load Watchers Maple Brown Sugar instant Oatmeal: 3 SmartPoint per cup (33 grams), easily accessible from load Watchers.

3. General Mills Cheerios: 3 SmartPoints per cup (28 grams), available at many grocery stores.

4. General Mills Rice Chex: 3 SmartPoints every cup (30 grams), easily accessible at most grocery stores.

5. Blackberry Hills Bakery Sugar cost-free Granola: 3 SmartPoints every 1/4 cup (25 grams), obtainable at totality Foods Market.

6. Kellogg"s Corn Flakes: 3 SmartPoints per cup (28 grams), available at most grocery stores.

7. Kellogg"s Rice Krispies: 3 SmartPoints every 1.5 cup (40 grams), accessible at many grocery stores.

8. Kellogg"s original Special K: 4 SmartPoints per cup (31 grams), accessible at many grocery stores.

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We"ve said it prior to but we"ll speak it again (not just due to the fact that we"re biased but since the facts really perform stack up): The cereal School is quite maybe the finest Weight Watchers grain you might have. 

It"s the lull food of her childhood excellent (very) in different way with for sure no added sugar, no man-made sweeteners or colors, and non-GMO all-natural ingredients. It’s also fully gluten-free, however still retains every the sweetness, crunch, and also tastiness that the cereals you grew up with. 

Did we cite there"s simply one gram of full carbs and a whopping 16 grams that protein in every bag? and also with just one teensy weensy SmartPoint every serving, having actually The grain School because that breakfast will be a an extremely smart move indeed.