Elijah being Fed by the Ravens. Oil/Herbert Mandel

About this series: A narrative exploring the story behind the paints of late artist Herbert Mandel as defined in the paper definition of the Biblical texts they’re acquired from, by his son-in-law, Jim Robidoux.

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Elijah saw the brook that Cherith as directed by God. He to be to drink the brook water and eat bread and meat that the ravens would lug him there. Elijah necessary to hide, much away from King Ahab and his Queen Jezebel. Ahab and also Jezebel to be the many wicked and also evil rulers Israel had ever before known. Lock employed 850 prophets that Baal and also his consort, Ashera, and were death the prophets that Yahweh. After Elijah (God’s significant prophet) said Ahab there would certainly be no rain because that years to come and also not till I say so, lock were established to death him.

When Ahab married Jezebel he created an unholy alliance v the King of Sidon, Jezebel’s father. Her nation worshipped Baal and Ashera and also Israel was start to perform the same. Baal was supposed to be a leading god the controls storms and rain. Baal and also Ashera, his companion, to be fertility gods.

During the third year the the drought Yahweh said Elijah it to be time to walk home. He was to show himself to Ahab – even though Ahab had been looking anywhere far and also wide, to kill him. Elijah to be going to tell Ahab the rain was about to fall.

The starvation from the drought was so serious that King Ahab to be looking almost everywhere for grass to feed his horses and mules. If those animals all passed away his military would be powerless versus their enemies. Elijah sent word to the king the he necessary to see him face-to-face.

Elijah tested Ahab at their meeting to lug all the Israelites and also all the prophets that Baal and also Ashera (850 of them) to mountain Carmel. He alone would represent Yahweh there, together his name meant “Yah is God.”

On mount Carmel he asks every the people, “How lengthy will girlfriend waver between two different opinions? If Yahweh is God, monitor him; if Baal, monitor him.” no one of the civilization answered him.

Next, Elijah inquiry for two bulls to be sacrificed as charred offerings. “Let the Baal prophets pick first and then do all the preparations for the burnt offering to their god. And I will certainly take the various other bull and also make every the prepare to sacrifice come Yahweh.” He climate announced come everyone, “Let no fire be placed to the wood. The true God will certainly light his very own sacrifice.”

As soon as the false prophets had actually made everything ready they started to pray and also dance and also plead v their God to irradiate his sacrifice and prove himself. They ongoing hour after hour and also even cut themselves and also threw us on the ground. Elijah mocked them, and also then it to be his turn.

He climate instructed the false prophets come soak his bull and the wood and the ground v water. They poured water every over whatever three times together Elijah directed, also filling a trench v water circling the sacrifice. Climate Elijah started to pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and also Israel, and also asked God to validate himself and also his servant and turn the mind of the people back to himself. Immediately fire fell from heaven and lapped up everything, consisting of the rocks, the dust and the water in the trench.

The world all stated surely Yahweh is God, and they dropped on your faces. Elijah then had actually all the false prophets rounded up and took them under the mountain and put them to death.

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Elijah saw Ahab and also told him come go ago to his royal residence as the flooding rain was around to start. Ahab and Jezebel held on to power for years to come, yet on today the people turned earlier to the true God and also would prayer Him only.

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