There room dozens of easily accessible food pan sizes as soon as you take right into account the countless widths, lengths, and also depths castle come in. To complicate matters, various segments of the foodservice industry frequently use their own jargon come refer to the same pans, therefore what one operator might speak to a respond to pan is a heavy steam table pan come another.

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We fan the diversity that sizes and names because that food pans come the countless variety of uses they reap in advertisement kitchens worldwide, from holding hot food on your namesake food bars to organizing sandwich trimmings ~ above food prepare tables. V this guide, we"ll assist you make sense of every the different food pans obtainable and provide some advice for selecting the appropriate one because that the job.

Standard Food Pan Sizes

Food pans are available in number of standard sizes, and also some are more common than others. Their precise dimensions differ slightly in between different manufacturers, yet they"re all named according to their size compared to a full-size pan:

A complete pan
measures approximately 12 customs by 20 inches. A full-size food pan is regularly used for cooking huge batches and serving renowned items, especially entrées such as fried chicken, burgers, and salad greens.A two-thirds pan measures around 12 inch by 131⁄3 inches. A two-thirds size pan will fill two thirds that a full-size cutout and leave room for a third-size pan or a combination of smaller pans.A half pan measures approximately 12 inch by 10 inches, therefore two fifty percent pans deserve to fill the same space as one full-size pan. Fifty percent pans are commonly used for side dishes, salad toppings, and smaller entrées top top food bars.A third pan measures around 12 customs by 62⁄3 inches. Three third pans have the right to fit in a full-size cutout. A third pan is a great choice because that serving side dishes on warm food bars.A quarter pan procedures 6 inches by 10 inches, so four can to fill the same space as a full-size pan and also two have the right to fill the same space as a half-size pan. Quarter pans are well-known for holding side dishes and also salad toppings.A sixth pan measures 6 inch by 62⁄3 inches, so that takes 6 to fill the same room as a full-size pan and also three to to fill the same an are as a half-size pan. 6th pans are frequently used to hold soups, dressings, and toppings for salads. This is the size that"s most often used ~ above salad and also sandwich prep tables.A ninth pan steps 4 inches by 62⁄3 inches. 9th pans are the the smallest of the available heavy steam table pan sizes. They"re frequently used come hold small quantities of seasonings, spices, garnishes, toppings, and condiments.

Steam Table Pan Capacities

The complying with table offers the capacity in cups of common steam table pan sizes and depths. Note that capacities room approximate and also meant to stand for 80 percent that a pan"s brimful capacity.

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Steam Table Pan Capacities in Cups

Full Pan335379106
Two-thirds Pan22355370
Half Pan17264053
Third Pan11182635
Quarter Pan8132026
Sixth Pan691318
Ninth Pan46