Seventeen NBA championships and 33 Hall-of-Fame inductees have come as a result of the plethora the talents that have played in Beantown, including existing Celtics superstar Paul Pierce.

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With an NBA championship in 2008 and helping his Boston Celtics to be championship contenders since, Pierce has sealed the deal as one of the height players to elegant the franchise in its 66-year history.

Yet when incorporating the team"s past talents favor Bill Russell of the 1950s and also 60s, john Havlicek the the 1960s and Larry Bird and also his monster team that the 1980s, whereby does Paul Pierce rank amongst Boston"s legends?

Here room Paul Pierce and also the 10 ideal life-long Celtics in team history.

NOTE: This perform excludes players prefer Dave Cowens, Robert Parish, Jo Jo White, Nate "Tiny" Archibald, and Bob Cousy, as they all technically did no play play each year of your career through the Boston Celtics, together they would otherwise all be in consideration for this list.

No. 10: K.C. Jones
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K.C. Jones was a PG with a function that would boost with his year in the organization.

A nine-year member that the Boston Celtics, Jones would begin to view starter"s minutes in his final four season through the team. One aggressive, tough-minded PG ~ above both ends, Jones averaged 4.3 assists and 3.5 rebounds for the team for his career.

The eight-time NBA-champion ranked in the optimal 10 in assists in the NBA native 1963 come 1967.

No. 9: Reggie Lewis
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In his six periods with the Boston Celtics, Reggie Lewis make a statement v his pat on the offensive end of the floor. 

After a rookie year in 1987 whereby Lewis average a full of just 8.3 minutes every game, Lewis would end up leading the team v 20.8 point out per game in 1992 and 1993. The 1992 season quiet boasted the talents of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and also Robert Parish together well.

The basketball human being would shed Lewis when he would collapse in 1993 top top the court. Lewis" number was later retired through the team.

No. 8: Tom "Satch" Sanders
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A member of eight championship groups in 13 seasons, Sanders to be a crucial player in Boston Celtics history.

Known for his lock-down defense, Sanders average 6.3 rebounds every game throughout the course of the continual season for his career and also 8.8 rebounds per video game when it came playoff time.

Sanders would make the 1968-69 NBA All-Defensive second team because that his contribute on the defensive end in his last championship run and season with the team.

No. 7: Sam Jones
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At 6"4"", Sam Jones was among the more solid scoring security the Celtics boasted throughout the so late 1950s and also the majority of the 1960s in what was recognized as the bill Russell-era.

Jones, that averaged 17.7 point out per game with the team because that his career, was aggressive top top the attack end and shot the ball reasonably well at simply over 45 percent.

A member of 10 NBA championship groups with the Celtics, over there is no question Jones gets a point out on the top-10 life-long Celtics of every time.

No. 6: Tom Heinsohn
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Tommy Heinsohn, current voice because that the Celtics top top Comcast SportsNet brand-new England, was also one that the much more talented Celtics of all time.

During his first six seasons in the league, Heinsohn average at least 9.5 rebounds a game each season consisting of two periods which featured averages the at the very least 10 every game.

His capability to rebound and also score the basketball helped lift the Celtics team that the Russell-era to victory as numerous championships together they did. Heinsohn to be a part of eight championship groups in ripe seasons and was awarded NBA Rookie the the Year in 1957.

No. 5: Kevin McHale
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A Hall-of-Fame inductee in 1999, Kevin McHale was one of the significant reasons the Boston Celtics to be able come win three NBA championships in the 1980s.

McHale was well-known for his raw scoring capacity averaging 21.3 clues per game in the Celtics 1986 championship season run. Yet he was additionally as hard a rebounder in ~ the power forward spot that this team has ever before had. McHale averaged at least eight rebounds per video game from 1984 come 1989 during the playoffs.

A defensive machine, McHale was called to the NBA"s All-Defensive team three various seasons throughout his tenure.

No. 4: john Havlicek
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One that the more solid shooters in team history, man Havlicek conveniently earns himself one of the top 5 spots on the list of the best life-long Celtics of all time.

Havlicek was well-known for his dominant offensive game, averaging top-10 allude per game numbers indigenous 1969-1973. The 1974 NBA Finals MVP was a 13-time All-Star in 16 periods in the league.

Not to mention Havlicek was likewise known for his outstanding efforts defensively. When it pertained to helping this Celtics win gamings there is no question this is a player that gave his every in each facet that the game. This eight-time champion was special for the franchise in the he to be a member the 1960s and 1970s titles.

No. 3: Paul Pierce
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Arguably the finest scorer in Boston Celtics history alongside Larry Bird, Paul Pierce hands-down deserves a top-three spot in the list of all-time Celtics greats to play their entire career in Boston.

An NBA champion in 2008 v Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen playing at his side, Pierce has solidified himself as one of the best players come play in Beantown. For his career, "The Truth" average 22.1 points and also six rebounds every game.

The 22.1 clues per video game are the 29th greatest mark in NBA history.

In the Celtics" championship series in 2008 over the L.A. Lakers, Pierce was additionally named in the NBA Finals MVP. Proceeding to have actually the Celtics competing for NBA championships, Pierce"s heritage only has much more room to grow. 

No. 2: Larry Bird
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Larry Legend, otherwise known as "the Hick native French Lick," was one of the many feared talents the Celtics ever before boasted.

His capability to make teammates better offensively and his scrappy defense do him one of the an ext talented players to ever before grace the game. Arguably the ideal scorer in team history, Bird average 24.3 point out per game for his career. 

The three-time NBA champion reeled in the awards transparent his career. That was called NBA Rookie of the Year in 1980, NBA Finals MVP in 1984 and also 1986 and league MVP in 1984, 1985, and also 1986.

Talk around a player to remember in Boston Celtics history.

No. 1: invoice Russell
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Eleven NBA championships in 13 NBA seasons, an median of over 22 rebounds per game for his career and also five MVP awards makes Bill Russell the clean front-runner as the finest life-long Boston Celtic of every time.

Arguably one of the much better centers to ever play the game, Russell was a rebounding an equipment that conquered his position during his time in the league. If blocks were a recorded statistic, chances are Russell would have actually himself one more place in the NBA record books and his defense to be up there through the finest in organization history.

In simply three the his 13 seasons, Russell averaged less than 20 rebounds every game. Talk around some impressive numbers indigenous the NBA legend.

A player that will forever be the clip of the Celtics franchise, invoice Russell is conveniently the ideal Boston Celtics player to ever put on the green and also white.

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