A good way to discover Arizona Rivers and Streams is by walking to large World of Maps. They have actually been roughly for end 35 years. Castle can present you where you room going. Inspect out their new location.

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Margie Anderson (Arizona Game and Fish board of directors Writer the The Year award 2015) – Dozens that rivers flow through, around, and also in Arizona – they are the really lifeblood of our state. Rivers administer us through power, and with water because that farming and also recreation. Plenty of of the bigger rivers are dammed to develop impoundments that safeguard us from floods and also droughts, and those impoundments produce some of our state’s most famous places come play.

The Arizona rivers themselves are great places to have actually fun, offering fishing, boating, tubing, and swimming. Even our most renowned natural wonder, the grand Canyon, is a gift native the Colorado River. Rivers that flow through our deserts develop riparian locations that are an essential to the survive of many of our beautiful plants and also animals.

Arizona’s rivers are likewise beautiful locations for photographers and also bird watchers. There is no our rivers, Arizona would just support a handful of people. Us owe everything we have actually here to them.

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Agua Caliente Wash

Agua Fria River

Agua Verde Creek

Alambre Wash

Altar Wash

Aravaipa Creek

Arivaca Creek

Arizona river

Babocomari River

Big Sandy River

Bill Williams River

Black Creek (Arizona)

Black River

Photo Courtesy Margie Anderson

These photos are of the eastern Fork of the black River. The first one, where it is wide, to be taken at crossby Crossing on FR285 south of Springerville.

Photo Courtesy Margie Anderson

The 2nd one was taken at the 3 Forks area top top FR249 south of Springerville near where FR58 goes phibìc from 249. – Margie Anderson

Blue River

Photo Courtesy Margie Anderson

Blue flow – this flow is near the eastern border of Arizona. This picture was taken at Blue Crossing, where FR281 and also Red Hills roadway meet.

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– Margie Anderson

Blue Water (Lake)
Bluewater Lake – photograph Courtesy that Margie Anderson

Bonita Creek

Brawley Wash

Burrow Creek
Burro Creek – photograph Courtesy of Margie Anderson

Cañada del Oro

Cave Creek
Cave Creek in ~ Spur cross – photograph Courtesy that Margie Anderson

Centennial wash (Maricopa County)

Ciénega Creek

Colorado River
Colorado flow – photo Courtesy the Margie Anderson
Colorado flow Fishing – picture Courtesy of Margie Anderson

Colorado river Float trip – picture Courtesy that Margie Anderson

Davidson Canyon

Deer Creek

Eagle Creek

Fossil Creek


Fossil Creek, one of two “Wild and Scenic” rivers in Arizona, seems to show up out of nowhere, gushing 20,000 gallons a minute the end of a collection of springs in ~ the bottom that a 1,600 foot deep canyon. Over the years this calcium laden waters have actually laid down huge deposits the a kind of limestone referred to as travertine. – United says Department the Agriculture

There to be subdued movement below and whispering voices. Then silence. Leave his rifle, Sabre belted on his guns and slid quietly the end of the overhang and into the cedars.

After a moment, he heard the sound that movement, and also then a short voice: “He can’t be far! They said he come this way, and also he left the key trail after Fossil Creek.” – louis L’Amour, “Ride friend Tonto Raiders”

Gila River
Gila river – picture Courtesy the Margie AndersonGila river – photograph Courtesy the Margie Anderson

Granite Creek

Harshaw Creek

Hassayampa River
Hassayampa flow – photo Courtesy the Margie Anderson

Kanab Creek

Little Colorado River
Little Colorado flow – picture Courtesy the Margie Anderson

Madera Creek

Mescal Arroyo

Molino Creek

New River

Oak Creek

Pantano Wash

Paria River

Puerco River

Rillito River

Rincon Creek

Sabino Creek

Salt River
Salt river Canyon – photograph Courtesy of Margie Anderson
Salt River 4 Peaks – photo Courtesy that Margie Anderson

San Carlos River

San Cristobal Wash

San Francisco River
San Francisco river – photo Courtesy the Margie Anderson

San Pedro River

San Simon River

Santa Cruz River

Santa Maria River

Santa Rosa Wash

Silver Creek

Sonoita Creek

Sycamore Creek
Sycamore Creek – picture Courtesy that Margie Anderson

Tanque Verde Creek

Tapeats Creek

Tenmile Wash

Thunder River

Tonto Creek

Verde River
Verde river – photo Courtesy of Margie Anderson
Verde river Kayaking – picture Courtesy the Margie Anderson

Kayaking on The Verde River

Margie Anderson – If you have been reading my stories right here on Arizona Boating & Watersports and also Western the end Times because that long, you know that mine husband John and also I love to go outdoors adventuring with our granddaughters. We’ve been taking them fishing, hiking, shooting, exploring, and hunting practically since they can walk, however we had actually never to be kayaking together until yesterday. Click here For Margie’s Story