Some recipes call for tomatoes that are measured in weight (pounds) or volume (cups). Rather of weighing everything out, you deserve to simply refer to this page which offers a selection of tomato conversions. If you desire to understand how numerous tomatoes in a pound or a cup we’ll provide you the quick answers here. You’ll additionally learn how numerous tomatoes transform into a selection of various canned tomatoes.

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How plenty of tomatoes in a pound?

One lb of tomatoes translates to two large, 3 medium, or 4 Roma tomatoes. If you have actually smaller tomatoes, climate you’ll need to count the end eight tiny plum or twenty cherry tomato to gain a pound.

Tomato typeQuantity the tomatoes
Large Roma4
Small Plum8

How plenty of cups in a pound of tomatoes?

There are 1 ½ cups of chopped tomato and also three cups of pureed tomato in a pound. Together you’ve most likely guessed, this isn’t an accurate science yet the number will offer you a pretty an excellent estimate. Currently you deserve to pop down to your local grocer and also buy the right amount of new tomatoes there is no going overboard. Forget around being stuck to leftovers the don’t get eaten and perish.

1 pound1.5 cup of chopped
1 pound3 cup pureed

What walk a new tomato weigh?

We got the weighing scales the end of the cupboard and did the test. The median tomato weighs 5 ounces, while tiny and huge tomatoes sweet three and also seven ounces respectively.

Size of TomatoWeight
Large7 oz
Medium5 oz
Small3 oz

How plenty of cups the tomato in a can?

Canned tomatoes space hugely popular and also most family members will have at least one sit in your pantry. I will not ~ it be beneficial to know just how a have the right to converts to cups of tomato? An everyday 16 oz can contains two cup of the fresh equivalent.

Can weightNumber that cups
16 oz2
28 oz3
35 oz4

Did you know?

There room over 10,000 ranges of tomato on this planet. Lock cover a wide range of colors and flavors. But most importantly, they vary substantially in weight. Some tomatoes thrive to the size of a bowling ball and also don’t work with the tables above. So as soon as you’re using these conversions try to stick to the usual tomato arrays you find at the greengrocer.

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How to pick the perfect tomato

The an enig to choose delicious tomato is shopping local. If you have a farmers market nearby you’ll perform well to buy them indigenous there. Why does it matter? Supermarket providers pick their crops when they’re still environment-friendly to prevent bruising during transportation. Unfortunately, tomato don’t continue to ripen once they’re picked. Sure, they’ll rotate red and also become softer, however there will certainly be little change come the flavor and aroma.

Locally to buy tomatoes probably won’t have that perfect shape and also skin that you’ll obtain from the store-bought ones. However all will certainly be forgiven once you take a bite and taste the exceptional flavor that originates from vine-ripened tomatoes.

If you need to buy from a supermarket then select smooth, shiny, firm fruits that are totally free from bruising or squish soft patches. The best indicator of freshness is the tomato’s aroma. If you can’t detect any type of fragrance, you’re i can not qualify to gain a lot of flavor native it.

Don’t be afraid to use canned tomatoes if you’re using the tomatoes because that cooking. They have tendency to have excellent flavor and work an extremely well in casseroles and sauces.

Not sure what the best tomato is because that cooking, juicing, or snacking? us designed a useful infographic to assist you decide on the perfect tomato.

" data-jpibfi-src="" data-lazy-src="" >" data-jpibfi-src="" >Quick food preparation Tip

Do you reap baking or stuffing tomatoes? you may uncover that they have tendency to lose their shape as lock cook. To prevent this, bake them in a inside wall muffin tray and you’ll obtain perfect looking baked tomatoes every time.


How numerous tomatoes in a bushel?

One bushel of tomato weighs 53 pounds which equates to 106 large tomatoes, 159 tool tomatoes or, 1060 cherry tomatoes.

How plenty of cherry tomatoes in a pint?

A dried pint of cherry tomatoes includes 10 oz (275g) or 25 cherry tomatoes.

How much is a pound of beefsteak tomatoes?

There are about 3 medium-sized beefsteak tomatoes in one pound.

How plenty of tomatoes in an 8-oz can?

A 28-oz can includes the indistinguishable of 6 medium-sized tomatoes.

Are tomatoes a fruit or vegetable?

From a botanical perspective, tomatoes space a fruit. However, in the United states tomatoes space legally classified together a vegetable and are subject to the same importation tariffs as other vegetables. This judgment came around after the decision was made through the supreme Court ago in 1893 the tomatoes were eaten as component of the main course and should, therefore, be treated as a vegetable.

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Concluding Words

Although there will be some variance, there are about two large tomatoes or eight tiny plum tomatoes in a pound. A lb of tomatoes arrays from one and a half to 2 cups the chopped tomatoes. If you’re make a dish the requires exact measurements climate your ideal bet is to acquire out the scales and weigh them. This will give you a perfect measure up every time.

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Are girlfriend able come buy locally grown tomatoes wherein you live? execute you pick to buy neighborhood or choose the supermarket? you re welcome let us understand in the comment below.

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