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Who created the book?

The location “Ecclesiastes” comes from a Greek native indicating a human who call an assembly, therefore it renders sense the the writer identified himself in Ecclesiastes 1:1 through the Hebrew native qoheleth, translated as “Preacher.”Despite leaving only this fairly mysterious name to indicate his identity, proof in the book, together with most Jewish and also Christian tradition, argues that King Solomon writer Ecclesiastes.

The Preacher went on to call himself “the kid of David, king in Jerusalem,” one who has increased in “wisdom more than all that were over Jerusalem prior to me,” and also one who has gathered many proverbs (Ecclesiastes 1:1, 16; 12:9). Solomon followed David top top the throne in Jerusalem together the just Davidic boy to dominance over all Israel from the city (1:12). He to be the wisest male in the world during his time (1 emperors 4:29–30) and wrote most of the book of Proverbs (Proverbs 1:1; 10:1; 25:1). Therefore, we deserve to safely identify Solomon asthe qoheleth that the opening verse.

Where are we?

With Solomon together the writer of the book, we know it had actually to have actually been created sometime prior to his death in 931 BC. The content of Ecclesiastes mirrors someone looking back on a life that was lengthy on suffer but short on lasting rewards. Together king, he had actually the opportunity and also resources to pursue the rewards of wisdom, pleasure, and work in and of themselves. However the world-weary ton of the writing says that so late in life, that looked ago on his folly with regret, pointing us to a better, simpler life stayed in light of oh my god direction (Ecclesiastes 12:13–14).

Why is Ecclesiastes therefore important?

Ecclesiastes presents united state a naturalistic vision the life—one that sees life through distinctively person eyes—but ultimately recognizes the rule and reign of God in the world. This an ext humanistic quality has actually made the book especially popular amongst younger audience today, men and also women who have actually seen an ext than their fair re-publishing of pain and instability in life but who tho cling to their hope in God.

What"s the big idea?

Ecclesiastes, like lot of life, to represent a trip from one suggest to another. Solomon articulated his beginning point early in the book: “Vanity the vanities! every is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1:2), denote the utter futility and meaninglessness the life as he observed it. Nothing made feeling to him due to the fact that he had currently tried any number of remedies—pleasure, work, and also intellect—to mitigate his sense of feeling shed in the world.

However, even in the writer’s desperate search for definition and meaning in life, God remained present. For instance, we read that God provides food, drink, and also work (2:24); both the sinner and the righteous person live in God’s vision (2:26); god’s deeds room eternal (3:14); and God empowers people to reap His provision (5:19). Ultimately, the great truth of Ecclesiastes lies in the acknowledgment of god’s ever-present hand on our lives. Also when injustice and also uncertainty threaten to overwhelm us, we deserve to trust Him and also follow after him (12:13–14).


How do I use this?

We every desire definition in life. Regularly that find takes us along winding, up-and-down paths filled v bursts of satisfaction that shine bright because that a time but eventually fade. In one sense, that satisfying to watch that endure echoed throughout Ecclesiastes. One appreciation for our commonhumanity increase from reading its pages. Us relate to the journey of Solomon because, for so numerous of us, the is our own. As soon as we effort to find definition in the quest of pleasure, the commitment to a job, or with plumbing intellectual depths, we all eventually discover in every of these quests a dead end.

Ecclesiastes reflects us a guy who lived v this procedure and come out top top the various other side with a wiser, more seasoned perspective. When we’re surrounding by the temptation to proclaim life’s ultimate emptiness, we can discover in Ecclesiastes a vision tempered by experience and ultimately seen v divinely colored lenses. Life is destined to stay unsatisfying apart from our recognition of god’s intervention. It only remains to be viewed whether or not we will ar our to trust in His sure and also able hands.

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Have you struggled through misplaced pursuits in life? Does your life lack the meaning and function you desire? hear the indigenous of Solomon that they might encourage friend to ar your trust exclusively in the Lord.