After thirteen eventful years in the premier organization of American football, Howie lengthy retired native the video game to pursue other interests, consisting of acting. It is really rare because that an ex-athlete to make a seamless change from sports to an exhilaration career, Howie long succeeded in law so.

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Howie long Biography (Age)

Born top top January 6, 1960, Howie, as he is affectionately known, to be born in Massachusetts in a little town referred to as Somerville, but grew up in Charlestown, Boston.

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Although right now retired, Howie do a name for self in the NFL by play football for a variety of clubs, including the Los Angeles Raiders. His soccer career began in high school. Howie attended Milford High institution in Massachusetts, wherein he an ext or less accomplished cult hero status. His heroic deeds at the moment made him one of the greats in the school’s sporting history and caused his gift inducted into the Milford room of Fame. That was her all-around sportsman and had a bit of everything; he was solid like a bull and very fast.

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It is evident that football runs in the family members as two of his sons follow in his footsteps and also enter the sport. His eldest kid Chris lengthy is the protective end for the Philadelphia Eagles, if his 2nd son Kyle long is the allude guard because that the Chicago Bears. The only household member not connected in the skilled ball is his last boy Howie lengthy Jr. The members the the Long family are devout roman Catholic Christians.

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Howie Long’s Height

As an ex-professional footballer, the is no surprise that Howie Long has an impressive, solid physique. His physique has actually helped him extensively to thrive in the sport and withstand the rigors of skilled football. He has an impressive height of 196 centimeter (6 ft 5) and weighs 122 kg (268 lbs).