Big brothers USA is earlier on CBS because that its 23rd season. Together 16 houseguests get in the same home, fans may wonder wherein the 2021 collection is filmed.

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Hoping to success the $500,000 cash prize, a range of contestants space entering this year – such as a farmer, a teacher and an attorney – to explain a few.

The vain this year is reportedly based upon a huge Brother Beach society theme, pass a holidays vibe and club environment to the house.

With money on the line, it’s no surprised that the houseguests may use the place to their complete advantage. Sophisticated taking a peek inside the studio?

Where is huge Brother 2021 filmed?

CBS Studio Center

The 23rd season of big Brother is filmed in ~ the sound stage 18 in the studio, which is based upon 4024 Radford Avenue, in Los Angeles, California.

With the layout as ‘Monte Carlo meets beach society meets Vegas’, the producers have aimed to produce a summer vibe for the houseguests.

But if you assumed the large Brother home was an yes, really location, it’s certainly not, however rather a filming studio set!

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— Mikeman (

Inside the large Brother 23 location

The location is filled with 18 sound stages and also 220,000 square feet of supporting office space, but you have the right to barely call the BB residence is a studio.

And the beach residence is a holidaygoer’s dream – from a sea glass room come a shark-themed kitchen, the decor has lots the immaculate detail.

The production team have obtained to work with this year’s sea look.

As they go into the beach house, contestants will certainly be greeted with three custom neon-glowing LED signs, v one to read: ‘No Risk, No Reward.’

Several viewers have actually revealed it is your favourite big Brother residence ever, and also are eager to discover out even if it is it has actually a backyard or not.

Where is huge Brother USA normally filmed?

Sound phase 18, CBS Studio Center

The huge Brother residence is usually set in the same studio, but may look different as it is decorated for a different theme every year.

For example, season 21 had actually a camping theme, which affiliated a Camp Counselor receiving the power to remove four houseguests.

The Los Angeles-based ar is known for hosting number of shows, such together Brooklyn ripe Nine, Malcolm in the Middle and also Last man Standing.

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