The age-old adage "it’s far better to provide than to receive" rings true in ~ Willis Tower.

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To present our plentiful appreciation come the city that has offered us so much, Willis Tower supports the ar by hosting a variety of charitableprograms.


Catalog Cares

For every gift card purchased at one of our directory restaurants, us will enhance with a donation to our partners World central Kitchen,a nonproift that provides the power of food to heal communities and also strengthen economic climates in time of crisis and beyond.

Click here To assistance The Neighborhood


Skyrise Chicago

Skyrise Chicago, the world’s tallest indoor stair climb,takes ar within Willis Tower every November. Countless participants including more than 150 Willis Tower tenantssprint, jog or to walk 103 floors to the Willis Tower Skydeck. Participants can additionally opt come crank their means to the skies using stationary hand cycles calibrated because that resistance and also time to match the 103-floor stair climb experience. Skyrise benefits the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, the nations #1 rehabilitation hospital.

In 2019more than$1.1 million was raised for our non-profit partner, Shirley Ryan ability Lab (SRALAB), and also will aid fund their passionate and innovative research and rehabilitation work.

Some fun and inspiring truth from Skyrise 2018:

1,803climbers and 18hand cyclists.Participants ranged from 7 come 93years old and came native 39states and also 7 countries.The faster climber got to the Skydeck in 13 minutes and also 26seconds.

Click here to gain a sneak peek into the event.


Greater Chicago Food Depository

Willis Tower isproud to partner with BOMA Chicago (Building Owners and also Managers Association)for aholiday food journey benefiting the better Chicago Food Depository. Every year, Willis Tower collection non-perishable food items that are donated to the better Chicago Food Depository to administer fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and also proteins come our 812,000 neighbors in chef County in need. Click below to donate.

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Willis Tower also collects digital donations and also thanks to the Food Depository’s buying strength $1 can help carry out 3 meals!


Salvation military Angel Tree

Women the Willispartneredwith the Salvation army Metropolitan division to host a virtual Angel Tree, i m sorry provides gifts for children, teens and adults in need. You re welcome visit much more information.


American Red Cross

In partnership v American Red Cross, Willis Tower has actually scheduled monthly blood drives throughout the year to assist patients in roughly 2,600 hospitals cross the U.S.Click here to do an appointment or call The Red overcome at 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767)