Hi, my surname is Robert Kinghorn & i am a roofing contractor in Newnan, GA. Below is a quick short article to assist you out.

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If you"re a roofer or a DIY"er you desire to know specifically how much product you"ll need on a offered job. Especially you want to be as close as humanly feasible so you have very little leftover material. The typical trip fee simply to pick up much more shingles probably costs an hour in lost time, and also $20 in gas!

Here are some tips and trick on how to obtain the many accurate approximates for her roofing jobs.

1. Eagleview. If you’re not making use of Eagleview technologies you’re absent out. They carry out a in-depth report of whatever you can think of on a roof, consisting of the variety of squares, and also linear feet that rakes, eaves, and even valleys. The reports differ in cost, additionally depending how regularly you order from them, however they save boatloads of time and make your dimensions EXACT.
Eagleview will also malfunction the roof through facets, protrusions, and also even has actually an choice to get precise measurements for the wall surfaces if you’re act a siding job.
You’ll need to have actually someone top top site and on the roof to take photos and also measurements the those particulars.

2. Utilizing an app like roofingcalculator.org or dozens that others choose the one at better Homes & Gardens will provide you one immediate breakdown of how plenty of bundles that shingles are needed once you get in the variety of squares from her Eagleview.

3. In regards to ordering shingles themselves, roof shingles are sold by both the bundle and estimated by the square. 1 square that shingles is the amount necessary to sheathe 100 sq. Ft. The roof. Shingles come in wrapped bundles designed to it is in light sufficient for a human to carry, so more heavier shingles require more bundles every square.
Three majority to a square is many common, which applies to many three-tab strip shingles and also laminated shingles. Once shingles room three majority to the square, there are 29 standard-sized shingles (12 in. By 36 in.) in each bundle. Uneven you’re installing a exceptionally high great shingle (e.g. Owens Corning Berkshire which room 360 lbs a square) you should be fine.

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Here’s the actual math: To determine the number of squares ~ above a roof, divide its total # that square feet by 100. An typical roof dimension is about 30 squares so (3,000 ÷ 100 = 30). This means you would need 30 squares that shingles to replace that roof. The many common kind of shingle, referred to as a three-tab or piece shingle, is usually packaged 3 bundles every square therefore you would certainly need around 90 bundles.