Moe Bandy (birth surname – Marion Franklin Bandy, Jr.) isan American country music singer who had a couple of hit song in the 1970s as a solo singer. Moe is also known for his collaborations through American country music singer Joe Stampley.

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Bandy found success singing about cheating. He when said:

“There’s cheating, drinking and also divorcing going on everywhere and also that’s what hardcore country music is all about.”


Moe was born top top February 12, 1944, in Meridian, Mississippi, USA. At period 6, Bandy relocated to mountain Antonio, TX.

He was taught come play the etc by his dad who had actually a nation band dubbed the Mission City Playboys. That said:

“My dad to be a guitar player and also he motivated me a lot.”

Bandy walk on to say:

“My mother played the piano at church and at home. She love to sing gospel songs and hymns.”

At age 16, Bandy began to contend with his brother in bronco-busting and also bull-riding. The said about rodeo:

“I love the sport of rodeo. My grandfather rodeoed and also my dad, and also I was associated in it.”

However, his career together a rodeo rider pertained to a halt after that suffered numerous injuries.

In 1962, Bandy started to pursue a career in country music. Soon, Moe formed a musical group called ”Moe and The Mavericks.” They uncovered work end a large area about San Antonio.

In 1964, Moe released his very first single, title – “Lonely Girl.”

In march 1974, he obtained his first hit with the solitary – “I simply Started Hatin’ Cheatin’ song Today.” that peaked in ~ number 17 in the US country chart. The solitary was at first released on Footprint Record.

In the follow-up year, Bandy exit the tune – “Bandy The Rodeo Clown.” The song was composed by his friend, Lefty Frizzell.


“I think it’s really healthy for girlfriend to create a book. I think anybody, whether it’s a singer or whatever, should write some sort of book.”

In a various interview, Bandy stated:

“I’ve been informing these story for years and everybody preserved saying, ‘You need to write a book.’”

Moe walk on come say:

“So i did, v Scott England, and I’m yes, really glad that ns did it.”


From 1963 to 1997, Moe Bandy to be married come Margaret Bandy. Currently, Bandy resides with his present wife, Tami, in Branson, Missouri.

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Bandy has actually 3 children.


“In country music, you have the right to sing positive things.”

“There have actually been therefore many an excellent marriages that have actually been ruined because of the cheating.”

“If I’d done every the points I sing about, I’d it is in dead.”

“It’s not that ns don’t like various other kinds of music,” that said, “but mine voice and also my music is what i do.”

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Moe was affected by Hank Williams, a legendary nation star that released 11 #1 singles between 1948 and also 1953. Hank also released 35 Top-10 singles on the Western ideal Sellers and also Billboard country charts.

In 2007, Bandy and his brother were inducted into the Texas Rodeo Cowboy room of Fame.

Moe worked for his father together a sheet steel worker for around 12 years.

The singer was nicknamed ”Moe” by his father once he was a child.

Moe Bandy – net Worth

Bandy earned most of his wide range from his music. He was one of the many popular nation singers that the 1970s.

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Moe has had 10 Number One hits and also 40 optimal Ten singles. Some of his hits are – hold The Bag, you Haven’t Heard the critical of Me, Rodeo Romeo, I just Started Hatin’ Cheatin’ songs Today, ns Cheated Me best Out of You, Barstool Mountain, Just good Ol’ Boys, it’s A Cheatin’ Situation, Americana, till I’m also Old To dice Young, Hank Williams, You created My Life, and Bandy The Rodeo Clown. Therefore, Moe Bandy has an estimated net precious of $2.8 million.

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