Young and the Restless classic episodes verified us old institution Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) romancing females in his life. Recently, there was a throwback wedding for Victor and Nikki Newman (Melody cutting board Scott). But, Nikki’s not the only bride The beard married. Just how numerous wives did Victor have actually over the year on Y&R? We’ve acquired the answer for you.

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When will certainly Young and the Restless illustration Return with Victor Newman?

Y&R‘s on hiatus native shooting, and there’s much more bad news the end of Hollywood. Everyone desires to understand when there will certainly be new episodes of Young and the Restless. Now, LA ar colleges canceled the fall semester. And also the governor expanded the lockdown for 3 months.

As the now, that means that Y&R might not resume shooting until August or September. That would certainly put new episodes that Young and the Restless on-air in loss or Winter. That’s no good, mainly due to the fact that we had actually several cliffhangers. Among them to be Victor Newman and also his son.

Usually, though, Victor’s an ext focused on lady problems. Now, The Mustache seems happy with Nikki, yet her blabbing the Kansas murder truth collection him off on Young and the Restless. So, there’s a chance this can wreck their right now happy union. Yet how plenty of other wives walk Victor have?


The plenty of Wives of Victor top top Y&R – Weddings, Annulments, Death, and also Divorce

Young and also the Restless saw Victor Newman married and divorced – and had many loves he shed over the decades on the CBS sudser. In the beforehand 80s, Victor confirmed up come Genoa City, married to Julia Newman (Meg Bennett). Castle divorced, climate he married his most constant wife, Nikki.

Victor married Nikki on Young and also the Restless once every decade. They had actually weddings in 1984, 1998, 2002, and also 2013. Then, they had actually a vow regeneration in 2017 regardless of divorces documents filed prior. Although Victor and also wife Nikki are solid now, she’s far from his only wife.

His various other legal wives included Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) in the early on 90s top top Young and also the Restless. Victor additionally married expect Wilson (Signy Coleman), Adam Newman’s (Mark Grossman) mom, who’s now passed away. Various other wives include Sabrina Costelana (Raya Meddine) and Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). That wed Sharon twice, in fact. However then, there space unions where he married, however it was not legit.

Since #YR is showing classic episodes, I would love to see Victor & Hope’s wedding

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Victor Newman’s Invalidated unions on Y&R

Back in 1998 top top Young and also the Restless, Victor Newman wed Nikki ~ above what to be supposedly her deathbed. The difficulty was, he was still hitched come Diane Jenkins (last played by Maura West). So, the was one invalid union. But, there to be many an ext in Victor’s timeline.

His marital relationship to writer Leanna Love (Barbara Crampton) wasn’t legal since Nikki was still legitimate his wife. Then, there’s Meggie McClain (Sean Young), that planned to black color widow Victor. But, that fake-married her, then turned the tables. Plus, there room some annulments in the mix on Young and also the Restless.

Back in 2011, Victor Newman annulled his marriage to Diane. Then, twice in 2012, that married and annulled Sharon. So, as to how countless weddings Victor’s had, it’s at least 14. Regarding how countless different brides, he’s had actually on Young and the Restless, that number is nine.

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In order, there’s Julia, Nikki, Leanna, Ashley, Hope, Diane, Sabrina, Meggie, and also Sharon. 3 of his wives are dead – Sabrina, Hope, and Diane. Now, it seems he and Nikki are resolved in, yet you never recognize with ladies guy Victor Newman. Watch to view him in activity on Y&R standard episodes.