Ross created an estimated 30,000 paintings during his lifetime, some of which continue to be owned through his business, Bob Ross Inc.

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Bob Ross to be married 3 times transparent the course of his life.

He first tied the knot v Vivian Ridge in 1965.

The pair had one son, Robert Stephen Ross, who also followed in his father’s footsteps and also became a painter.

Ross and also Vivian ended their marital relationship in 1977 allegedly as result of an infidelity top top Ross' part.


Ross was married 3 times in his lifeCredit: Netflix

The painter then relocated on and married jane Ross the very same year he divorced Vivian.

Jane and Ross did no have any type of children and their marital relationship lasted 15 years until she passed away from cancer in 1992.


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Three years later Ross married Lynda Brown.

Lynda to be widowed on July 4, 1995, when Ross pass away.

Who is Bob Ross?

Ross was a well known painter and also art instructor.

He previously served in the united state Air Force and also was stationed in Alaska, the setup of most of his future paintings.

Ross began occurring quick painting techniques throughout his occupational breaks and enrolled in one art class at the Anchorage U.S.O. Club.

While functioning as a bartender he found a TV present called The Magic that Oil Painting, held by German artist Bill Alexander.

Ross mastered his method and started painting and selling Alaskan scenery portraits.

The artist eventually returned to Florida and began paint with Alexander. 

A student called Annette Kowalski took a course with Ross and encouraged him come branch out on his own, helping him financially.

Ross, his wife, and Kowalski gathered money and created his company, Bob Ross Inc.

His popularity increased and he was provided his own present on PBS together a result. 

When is Bob Ross’ documentary coming out?

On respectable 25, 2021, Netflix is releasing a new documentary top top Ross’ life.

Known as a gentle and kind soul who painted his "happy little" trees and also clouds, Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, treason & Greed, will check out the unknown war he was covertly living with.

The documentary will also touch ~ above the bitter disputes between Ross’s son, friends, and business partner after his death.

However, director Joshua Rofé, that is known for his true-crime series Sasquatch, assures fans that their image of Ross won't be ruined.

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“Whenever ns tell friends or colleagues that I’m making a doc about Bob Ross, because they recognize my work and they understand it’s typically pretty dark, lock say, ‘Oh, mine God, you’re walking to destroy Bob Ross for me.’ I guarantee them the on the contrary, ns think you’ll leaving the movie probably loving him also more,” he told Vanity Fair.

“The much more I learned about him, the more empathy I uncovered myself having for this man, who I only knew indigenous the show.”


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