Using an electric skillet out on the road is just one of the best ways a trucker deserve to save part cash. Yet how much electrical power does an electrical skill use? Let’s take a look.

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Let’s face it;

As a driver of a advertising motor car who’s the end on the roadway all the time, you can spend ridiculous money constantly eating out.

The answer?

Having food preparation appliances prefer an electric skillet in her truck so that you can prepare your very own meals. It’s like camping top top steroids!

Not only is it straightforward on her wallet and also cheaper 보다 eating the end all the time, but you additionally get the included benefit of managing what friend eat.

The thing is, an electrical skillet has specific power needs that enables it to carry out at its best level which method more strength than just a conventional 12 volt.

Let’s inspect out the energy requirements for an electric skillet.

How much electricity does an electrical skillet use?

An average electric skillet supplies 1500 watt (around 120 volts) to chef food at temperature of 400+ degrees.

Electric skillets and also griddles operation a range of as low together 1000 watts (for the lower finish models) and upwards of 1800 watts for several of the higher rated appliances. If you’re planning on gaining an electrical skillet, pay fist to warm it will obtain your food. Make certain that you purchase a great power inverter (link to our strength inverter page) so that you’ll have plenty the juice for any appliances.

Remember – food safety! friend don’t want to need to spend time in a truck protect against bathroom trying to recover.

While there are some 12-volt appliances available, plenty of drivers don’t recommend them since of the absence of temperature control.

To provide you calculation the lot of electricity intake for an electric skillet and also other family members devices, friend can examine out this website.

There are some skillets that will certainly go as low together 1000 watts, but you may not gain the greater temperatures the you’re searching for if you’re walking to chef meats, poultry or fish.

Whenever you setup on plugging an electric appliance of any sort, you need to pay one-of-a-kind attention come the lot of power it’ll take to operate the device.

While there are plenty of smaller tools with different options on the market, the best way to go for truckers and also RV’ers is to usage an AC-powered unit that can plug right into an inverter.

For those v an engineers mind who really desire the nuts and also bolts that AC power usage you can inspect out this calculator to assist you estimate strength consumption.

Most of the average large rectangular skillets will draw 1500 watts, i m sorry is really about all you will do it need. If you looking to acquire real high speed, you can can invest the extra cash and also get an 1800 watt skillet.


What size Power Inverter is needed for an electric Skillet?

As a agree driver you understand that you need to make certain that the appliance or maker is no drawing more energy is than the inverter than it have the right to provide.

You will find that a 1500 watt inverter is much more than sufficient to manage just around any electrical appliance you may wish come use, including a microwave oven.

Just mental that once using many appliances in ~ the exact same time it might not work out that well, you might be placing too huge a pack on the system.

The frozen fridge in a truck operation on a different circuit so girlfriend won’t have actually to problem that it will certainly use few of the all at once wattages you have actually available.

There space exceptions, therefore make certain you recognize how electric circuits for appliances are collection up in your vehicle.

A 12-volt microwave cooktop will draw around 1000 watt so it’s best to use that appliance by itself to make sure you don’t blow any fuses.

Keep this in mind;

The same goes for an electrical skillet. If you’re going to strength it up, you might want to use it by itself. The skillet or griddle is going to take some extra power simply to acquire it ‘fired up’.

If you need some added help do the efforts to determine the ideal power inverter size for an electrical skillet check our guide on the ideal power inverters. Over there is also some additional info over on this website.

Do providers supply inverters?

Some trucking carriers (but no all) will have 1500 watt inverters constructed into your trucks. If it is the case, you shouldn’t have any type of concerns around power, especially if one provides a smaller 1000 watt electrical skillet.

Larger companies choose Prime supply 1500 watt inverters, check with the prospective agency you might be functioning for to discover out more.


Most service providers don’t, so girlfriend may have to take a watch around and also find one inverter that will certainly be large enough to gain the project done.

That’s going to be a separate price of course, but having a top notch power inverter will have the ability to power every your requirements from cooking to entertainment.

When collection to the lower temperature settings the skillet strength on and off every few minutes to maintain the selected temperature to maintain the wanted setting.

If you’ve ever before owned an electrical stove, that maintains a set temperature lot the same way.

Because the heating element is external inspection to the bottom that the skillet the is an ext energy effective than a hot plate.

However, if you looking to acquisition a skillet, you might want to pay attention to the material it’s make of. It’s a no brainer the some materials will conduct heat more efficiently, which way using less power overall.


What is an electric Skillet good For?

If you are on the road you should get an imaginative with your food preparation sources and an electric skillet is a an excellent appliance that can be used for a variety of various cooking and warming applications.

Here’s the cool thing;

You deserve to use it because that any type of food that requirements frying in oil such together chicken and fish, bacon and eggs, and also stir-fried dishes.

Because it has actually a temperature control you simply set it come the desired heat, wait for the indicator irradiate to walk out, and it’s all set to use.

What’s nice about them is this –

Most electric skillets have a non-stick coating that makes them an extremely easy come clean and a vent in the lid come release heavy steam and protect against oil from splashing all over the place.

Being able come clean up quickly and efficiently is necessary when you job-related a task with strictly deadlines.

Foods friend can chef in an electric skillet

Need some rapid ideas? here’s a tiny sampling of foods that you have the right to prepare yourself.

Eggs (scrambled is the easiest!)Warming up pre prepared foodsPizza – pole to fresh prepared. If your going to usage a frozen pizza you should thaw it the end first.Panini or grilled cheese sandwichesMeats, chicken or poultry

Just about anything!

You can additionally use the skillet to try your hand at food preparation techniques like:

SauteingBrazingStir fryingPan Broiling

Make sure you have an electrical skillet that has actually a lid and raised sides. You don’t want hot grease splattering your truck interior or burn you.


Electric Skillet Temperature Controls

The even temperature and an exact control make it straightforward for also a novice chef to create wholesome tasty dishes. The deep, straight-up sides make it perfect vessel because that preparing one-pot dishes and casseroles if you are so inclined.

It is also good for warming increase dishes that have been pre-made in ~ home, thawing frozen TV dinners and making the finest homemade hamburgers. The just thing that can’t carry out is do a an excellent cup that coffee.

Things come look because that in an electric skillet

When your picking a skillet, you may want to opt because that stainless stole or ceramic coated surface. Be conscious that some non-stick surfaces are claimed to provide off a toxicity gas when heated to high temperatures.

Some non-stick coatings additionally tend to disintegrate after a while and come turn off in bits of black, i beg your pardon is no the ‘flavoring’ you looking for.

Skillet size: The 12-inch size is pretty convenient but they likewise come in a larger, 16-inch rectangular shape.

Storage: shot and obtain a skillet that deserve to store unders a bunk or vertically. The cord have the right to be unplugged and folded right into a record napkin because that storage within the unit which stop it indigenous rattling around.

Handles Oil: numerous electric skillets have sides that space sloped to manage oil and also grease. The last point you desire is hot liquids spilling right into the sleeper or cab.

How basic is it to clean: You’re not going to have access to a dishwasher and also not every skillets are dishwasher safe anyway.

Check the handles and also Legs: do the sure the handle are warmth resistant. You’re food preparation in a border space, you require to have the ability to handle a hot skillet without having actually to throw cooktop mits on all the time.

Glass lid: try and obtain a skillet with a glass lid. It’s much easier to inspect your food without having lifting the lid come let the warm out. Bonus if you have the right to have a lid for your skillet with a vent.

Electric Skillet vs Griddle

For truckers, there are benefits of both the electric skillet and also the electrical griddle however there are a couple small differences.

Electric skillet: The electric skillet will heat up in just a issue of a couple of minutes of obtaining plugged in. The skillet will provide you through a level heated surface that has actually ‘walls’ or sides and a cover.

Having those two features in one enclosed room with high heat keeps mishaps to a minimum.

Electric griddle: Griddles have actually a large flat surface that often tends to heat more evenly than a skillet. The disadvantage below is no having any kind of grease or fluid containment.

Can you use a Pan on an electric Griddle?

An electrical griddle is a great piece of equipment to have actually as it have the right to be supplied in among two ways;

1: as a flat surface because that grilling burgers and also making pancakes, French toast, frying eggs;

2: A cooking surface comparable to a stovetop because that pots and also pans; and also as a surface to warm pots and also pans.

Check the pans manufacturers specifications to insure the it can be placed directly on a griddle. Opportunities are though, the if it deserve to handle a stove, it can handle a griddle.


Safety and also Cleaning

1: Cook external whenever weather and time permits and also buy lots of oven bags and also aluminum foil to chef food favor chicken and fish in your skillet. Food preparation on foil renders cleanup a snap – as soon as it cools simply ball that up and also throw that away, i m sorry will save you many cleaning time.

2: record towels and also Clorox wipes room indispensable cleaning products as washing increase is constantly a problem when traveling on the road.

3: A quick cleaning tip is come scrunch a sheet of aluminum foil right into a ball and also use it choose a scouring pad, specifically on non-stick surfaces. It cleans without scratching and also can it is in disposed that immediately, remove the have to keep unhygienic sponge scourers that never dry out.

4: There are a few things to save in mind once using an electrical griller, the first being security as the entire surface and also the handles can come to be extremely hot.

5: constantly use stove mitts and also long-handled spatulas to move food roughly on the surface and to eliminate it to your dish. A same amount that oil, butter, or food preparation spray is necessary to protect against food from difficult or burning.

6: After each use just scrape turn off the overfill bits the food and also wipe the skillet surface ar clean with a damp cloth while that is quiet warm. Include a thin coat of food preparation oil and also wipe the down with a clean rag prior to storing that in a safe place.

Having an electric skillet through you on the roadway is a great way to save money top top food. But prior to you operation out and just grab one, make sure your van (or various other vehicle) have the right to handle the strength requirements.

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How much electricity does an electric skillet use? arrangement on it utilizing at least 1500 watts, so make sure that you acquire an inverter the will take care of that load.