Weight Watchers teamed up through the Truett Hurst Winery to launch Cense Sauvignon blanc, i m sorry boasts only 85 calories and three SmartPoints per glass.

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Finally, a wine that functions in tandem with your diet goals. Load Watchers has actually teamed up v the Truett Hurst Winery based in northern California to bring us Cense, a low-calorie Sauvignon blanc. The wine is only 85 calories per glass, or 3 of load Watchers' SmartPoints. Cense's grapes are grown in Marlborough, new Zealand, a an ar known for its Sauvignon blanc, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

One that the most basic guiding principles behind Cense is avoiding shoving the whole diet-friendly, low calorie point in her face. As Ryan Nathan, load Watchers' vice chairman of consumer products, told alcohol Spectator, "We're being very sensitive come the consumer groups, both the wider people that room living life totally while do the efforts to shed weight, and then the human being that are more anchored in the weight Watchers client base. You're no going to watch '30 percent much less calories!' plastered ~ above the prior of the bottle."

So just how will customers understand that this is a lower-calorie, load Watchers-backed wine? Look for a tiny label on the earlier that you deserve to remove if you want to.

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It's precious noting the this is much more of a alcohol for civilization who desire to reap the flavor of Sauvignon blanc in a diet-friendly method than human being who desire to obtain tipsy in a diet-friendly way. If Cense boasts that it has all the odor of a Sauvignon blanc despite its decreased calorie count, the wine is just 9.6 percent alcohol through volume, compared to many bottles' ~13 percent ABV alcohol content. And also that's intentional—the process of make this wine entails filtering out few of the alcohol in service of flavor.

Good news, dieting rosé lovers: Truett Hurst's CEO Phil Hurst told alcohol Spectator that, now that they have a process for making this wines, they're going to shot out an ext varieties. Plus, that said, "Rosé is in ~ the top of our list." Something come look front to for this summer?