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This weight Watchers margarita cooking recipes is refreshing and delicious! It's simple to swap out spices of LaCroix to mix points up!
Margaritas space my weakness. All of them. The my burden to bear ns suppose! The bad news is that many cocktails and also especially standard margaritas that you order at the bar are loaded through sugar, calories, and also unhealthy ingredients.

This straightforward Weight Watchers Coconut Margarita recipe is a refreshing, short calorie cocktail. Friend can readjust up the flavors quickly by using your favorite La Croix in ar of the coconut.

Some speak to it Ranch Water, a at sight Skinny Margarita, or a NorCal Margarita. Every little thing you decision to call it, I understand you space going come love this light, citrusy, normally sweetened weight Watchers margarita!



Combine tequila, juice indigenous ½ a lime (or more if you like), and add to a glass through ice.Top your glass v sparkling water and also give it a stir.Enjoy!

Recipe tips

If you really desire to go for the coconut flavor, 1800 makes a coconut infused 100% tequila that’s delicious in this recipe!Spruce increase this cocktail v a fresh or toasted coconut flake rim. Yet don’t forget to calculate the extra clues in the coconut.

Weight Watchers 100 Calorie Margarita Points

Single Serving: 2 Blue setup Points | 2 Green setup Points | 2 Purple plan Points

We’re may be to keep the points and also calories because that this recipe short by using simply a couple of clean ingredients. You won’t uncover triple sec, an easy syrup, orange liqueur, coconut milk or cream that coconut in this recipe. If you make any changes to the created recipe, make sure to recalculate your points.

I calculate all mine recipes with the weight Watchers website. I use their cooking recipes creator come input every the ingredients and serving sizes. The magic that the routine pops the end the points! the quick and easy and also that’s why I totally recommend friend calculate your recipes native the internet over there. That an awesome method to make sure that friend know precisely what you are putting right into your body and track the properly.


Do you have actually other delicious weight Watchers recipes I need to try?


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This weight Watchers margarita recipe is refreshing and also delicious! It's easy to swap out flavors of LaCroix come mix things up!