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Has anyone ever tried putting apple cider vinegar right into the drinking water of their goats to watch if it helps produce more doelings? i was thinking around trying it and also I believed I might ask if everyone else had actually done it.

I constantly put ACV in my buck and does water throughout the summer... Which wake up to coincide with reproduction season. ACV store the water buckets from acquiring algae during the horrible, hot months once our waters will usually turn eco-friendly in a pair of hours!! it hasn"t done anything because that me.... You just have to count on your buck gift a doe producer.


I hadn"t heard that produces much more doelings...but that is useful for as whole health is what I have actually heard. I always put the in mine chickens" water in the summer especially-definitely cuts under on algae and also I hear that helps v digestive and respiratory health...kind the a organic remedy.
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I haven"t make the efforts it, yet I talk to a lady who has tried it and she only got one buck out of ten or much more does! She to be going to shot it again this year to watch is the was just a doe year because that them. They also tried it through their sheep they got an ext doe the year, yet they tho had more bucks then your goats did.

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We put a splash the ACV in every bucket the water, it is supposed to assist prevent urinary calculi, add to the algae thing, and also being generally great for you. We execute this year round, and also so much I have had actually 5 bucks and 1 doe. So, no. Yet it"s good anyway.Jan
With people, and also I need to assume that is the exact same for animals of every types, it counts on the bucks sperm and the Ph or balance in the walk vulva at the time of breeding. In various other words this is one old wives tale. I know people who have tried on horses and it really doesn"t work! some males are prone come throwing much more bucks than does and also visa versa. Some years relying on weather, type of feed, etc you will certainly get much more does than bucks. It"s just the means of nature!
I use 1/4 cup apologize cider vinegar to about a gallon that water for my goats. Whether it produces more does, i really don"t know. So much I had actually a buck and and a doe last year and also this year she had triplets - 2 does and also a buck. Ns have an additional doe early out in June, however I don"t think i was using the ACV at the moment of her pregnancy. Pat Coleby claims ACV has potassium and also trace minerals and also it help insure that children are birthed easily. She also says it helps stop UC and all most bucks need to prevent it is a couple teaspoons double a week. That maintains the correct pH in the body, i m sorry is probably why it is so useful. Due to the fact that of it"s potassium content, that is invaluable for all animals coming up to breeding. It also helps protect against bruising and assists the organization to recoup after exertion. I"ve had actually no challenging births therefore far, no UC, and not a load of males born. But then I additionally give copper sulfate, dolomite, and also sulfur to my goats daily... So who really knows if the ACV help or not. I likewise read someplace that it helps prevent coccid and also that in chin (if it really does) is terrific reason to include it to either your food or water imho. Personally ns will proceed to usage it, it has done no harm.
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