Buffalo Nickel No Date: Acid revitalized Date Value
Buffalo Nickle revitalized Date

Many collectors will use nic-a-date, vinegar or other substances to restore the date to a Buffalo or also Liberty V Nickels. The is regularly poorly excellent so that is simple to view the acid etched area as darker or also lighter than the remainder of the area.

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Buffalo Nickel v a revitalized date is worth challenge value if the is a typical date, however some will certainly pay 10 cents for no day or revived date examples. However, the an ext rare the date and mint the it is worth however still have a diminished premium.

For example, A 1913-S kind 2 Buffalo Nickel is rare and also with a revived date the worth is decreased by 30%, but other dates and also mints have the right to be 50% or more.

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Buffalo and also Liberty Nickels with restored or nic-a-date cure are thought about hole fillers regardless of their rarity.

Buffalo Nickel revitalized Date
Buffalo Nickel revitalized Date with Corrosion
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