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Jared Goff #16 the the Los Angeles Rams greets Tom Brady #12 that the new England Patriots after the new England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 26-10 in ~ Gillette stadium on December 4, 2016 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

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On Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams and also the new England Patriots will face off in Super key LIII.

The two teams stand in stark contrast to one another. Under head coach bill Belichick, the Pats have gone to the Super bowl nine times (including this Sunday) and also have accumulated five Super key rings.

The Rams, ~ above the other hand, have actually the league's youngest head coach, 33-year-old Sean McVay, and also haven't been to a supervisor Bowl since 2002, when they shed to the Patriots. The team has spent the previous several year transitioning indigenous St. Louis come its new home in Los Angeles.

Another striking difference between these two teams? The expense of season tickets. Rams season tickets start at $360 for eight continual season games and also one preseason game.

A screenshot that Los Angeles Rams website.

Patriots season tickets, meanwhile, begin at $750 — about $75 a video game — yet that doesn't median you'll have the ability to get them. A visit to the If you walk to the Patriots' ticket website yields the message, "Season ticket are offered out. Sign up with the waitlist today!"

Representatives that the Patriots ticketing and member solutions teams called make It that Patriots' desire season ticket packages variety in price from $750 come $1950 for eight regular season games and two pre-season games, though there space also an ext expensive premier ticketing options.

That method that at your cheapest, season tickets because that the Patriots cost an ext than double what it costs to acquire season tickets for the Rams (Patriots season ticket holders do get one extra pre-season match.)

For sporting activities fans that prefer better seats, the distinction in the prices of season tickets because that the two groups becomes less far-ranging at the greater end. The most expensive season ticket package because that the Rams is $2,026, when the nicest season ticket package because that the Patriots is $1,950.

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But season ticket hopefuls beware: The Pats are simply now accepting civilization who have been top top the season ticket waitlist since 2003.

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