We buy class and also championship ring in every shapes and sizes—from bulky men’s ring to small, ornate women’s pieces—made of gold and, in rare cases, platinum. Many of these pieces consist that 10K yellow at 41.3% purity. Lock are rarely gold-filled or plated, and the stones are typically of small or no value.

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What Our customers Say

A few days ago, ~ above September 12, I quit by because that my 2nd visit. I have tendency to it is in verbose. Now, I"m nearly speechless because, actually, how does one boost upon close to perfection? I used the "Home" an allegory because one have the right to relax at home; it"s a place of trust and also comfort...that"s what gaianation.net represents to me.
I lugged in some heirloom and dated gold and sterling jewelry with really hopes to clear at least $100 in order to usage the $10 coupon I published from the website. Imagine mine utter surprise once I walked out the door with a check for over $2,400! Fred to be so friendly, helpful and attentive during the procedure and was a pleasure to do company with...Thank friend Fred—I’ll be back!
As a second time customer, i have found both of my experience at this keep to be quick and easy. Fred analyzed every one of my silver- pieces and gave me a an excellent price because that both the sterling and silver plate. Extremely recommend!
Fred was simply really chill. Ns was in reality able to ask inquiries on exactly how all the pricing functioned without him obtaining annoyed. I"m new to buying and selling and had never ever actually sold any of my silver before. That was an extremely kind and patient. He to be able to define the whole process giving me tranquility in mind after marketing a couple of ounces. If I ever before would like to sell any kind of of my priceless metals, I will be going earlier to that for currently on.
Brought in several pieces that old jewelry and also silver, and was not disappointed. The lady that aided me was really informative, defined everything together she to be doing it, and was really pleasant and efficient. Ns feel I gained a very fair price because that my items and also would highly recommend this business.

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Jill was really helpful, friendly, professional and also knowledgeable. I very recommend this business. That is unique designed, comfortable, quickly located.
Cheryl to be friendly, knowledgeable, and took time to evaluate my items and explain my options. Based upon my experience today, I would certainly recommend gaianation.net!
Took in a bunch the dinnerware that I thought was most likely junk and ended increase getting method more 보다 I expected to get. Very recommended!

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