New toll fee Rates efficient Jan. 1, 2021

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New toll rates went into impact on Jan. 1, 2021. The Authority plank of Directors approved the proposal in December 2020, after ~ a public process that began in 2019. tolls have actually not been changed since 2010. E-ZPass customers outside of those who use the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge space not impacted. Toll rates for E-ZPass customers on the remainder of the system remain the same.

Tolls on the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

On the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, E-ZPass customers will pay $5.75 by 2022, increasing 50 cents in 2021 and 50 cents in 2022.

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In 2022, the passenger toll rate on the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge will be 58 percent listed below the rates at harbor Authority crossings and also 53 percent listed below the present passenger rates for the significant MTA Bridges and Tunnels.For example, the cash toll price on the George Washington Bridge, the crossing to the instant South of the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, is currently $15 for two-axle vehicles and $12.50 because that E-ZPass holders throughout peak hours. Tolls top top the new York State system remain among the shortest in the Northeast - lower than the Massachusetts Turnpike, the brand-new Jersey Turnpike, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


Commuter Discount Plan

Additionally, the commuter plan for those who usage the bridge on a daily basis will certainly remain and also the discount for individuals will increase.

New resident Discount Plan A new resident E-ZPass plan is easily accessible for Westchester and also Rockland County citizens that will save their rate level through 2022. The regime is being available to passenger vehicles through a E-ZPass. Qualified inhabitants who have a auto registered in among these 2 counties will certainly be instantly enrolled. approximately 250,000 qualified occupants of Rockland and also Westchester counties will have actually their E-ZPass Tags instantly enrolled in the new resident discount setup before new toll rates take impact on January 1, 2021. Those in the regimen will see their leg toll continue to be at its present level, $4.75 every trip, through the end of 2022.

Eligibility needs for the resident arrangement include:

You room a existing E-ZPass customer through a mailing deal with in Rockland or Westchester counties; You have actually a auto registered in a qualifying ZIP password in Rockland or Westchester; Discount is associated with a specific E-ZPass tag(s) based upon eligible license plates on your account; because that each E-ZPass tag, a license plate must be registered in Rockland or Westchester; Passenger vehicles only and also the car is just for personal use. Qualified citizens who have actually an email listed on their E-ZPass account will certainly receive an email before Jan. 1 v details concerning the discount plan.

In 2022, 45 percent of web traffic on the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge will be paying less than the $5.75 E-ZPass rate, with the Commuter or resident discount plans.


Commercial car Rates

Commercial prices on the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo leg for class 2H through 4H and S class tolls will certainly be increased proportionate come the passenger auto toll boosts for each payment type. Class 5H with 7H van tolls will certainly be raised 20 percent much more than the passenger automobile toll increases for each payment type.


* System-Wide E-ZPass customers exterior of those who usage the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge space not impacted. Toll prices for E-ZPass client on the remainder of the mechanism remain the same.

Tolls by letter customers will pay 30 percent above the E-ZPass toy fee rate, in enhancement to a $2 bureaucratic surcharge per billing statement. Such differential toll rates have actually been typical practice amongst other equipment that have converted come cashless tolling.


The government is at this time the only firm that does not charge a premium because that Tolls by Mail. The 30 percent premium on top of the conventional E-ZPass price is still in ~ the lower finish of what cashless tolling facilities charge nationwide.

To compare various other toll road premiums because that non-E-ZPass customers nationwide, Massachusetts has actually an 87 percent premium top top the Massachusetts turnpike and also 109 percent top top the Boston Extension. The Miami-Dade Expressway has actually a 100 percent premium. The Pennsylvania Turnpike dues a 36 percent premium.

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In comparison come cashless tolling crossings nationwide, the MassDOT crossings has a 37 percent premium, the MTA Verrazzano-Narrows bridge a 55 percent premium, and also the MTA Henry Hudson Bridge has a 150 percent premium.


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