Do her Teas save on computer Caffeine?

Yes, all teas contain caffeine naturally. Our black teas (including diet) save on computer 15mg of caffeine in every 8-oz serving. Our eco-friendly teas (including diet) save 7.5 mg the caffeine in every 8-oz serving. Our white tea contains 6 mg of caffeine in every 8-oz serving. The cappuccino shakes have actually 40-60mg per 8oz serving. Red tea is naturally decaffeinated. In comparison, a 12-oz cola contains between 35-55 mg the caffeine. Coffee contains between 60 come 100 mgs per 8-oz serving.

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How carry out I get Arizona ceded Directly To my House?

We just sell a few items ~ above this website at this time (see our merchandise section). Generally we offer to a network that wholesalers nationwide. Our wholesalers then offer to retailers who offer to the finish user, the consumer. In the future we expect to offer an ext products because that sale on our website.

Why can not I discover Your Product In My local Store?

Not every one of our commodities are obtainable in all locations of the country. To uncover out what is available in your area, or for specific product locations, girlfriend should call our local distributor. Send united state your deal with information, and we would be happy to offer you the name and also phone variety of the nearest distributor come you.

What Is The Shelf Life? just how Do I review The freshness Code? how Long can I store Your Product before I Drink It?

The shelf life of our glass, can and PET assets is 24 month from the day they were made, unopened. After opened the beverage, the shelf life is 7-10 work refrigerated, 2-4 days not refrigerated. The day code, which shows when the product to be made, have the right to be found near the neck or ~ above the lid of bottles, or on the bottom the cans, stamped in black. The is based on a Julian calendar code. The code might read together follows: instance M23408 (234 method the 234th job of the year, 08 way the year 2008. So, the product was made top top the 234th day of 2008, and also is great for 2 years from that day.)

Are Your commodities Considered Gluten Free?

All of our tea and juice beverages space gluten free.

Are you A public Company?

No, AriZona is privately held. We are not provided on the share exchange.

Are Your assets Kosher?

All the our commodities except Grapeade have been certified kosher and also parve. They bear the Orthodox Union (O.U.) symbol of certification. Our coffee drink are additionally certified kosher and also dairy posting the O.U.D. Price of certification.

Is The firm Headquartered In Arizona?

No, the is located in Woodbury, brand-new York. (Long Island)

Why go You name The Product Arizona?

Don Vultaggio, the owner of the agency looked in ~ a map to view where it to be hot. In ~ first he assumed of naming it Santa Fe, then they concentrated on AriZona and also the remainder as lock say, is history.

Can ns Drink Arizona Tea Hot?

Yes, plenty of of our teas room delicious hot. Simply pour right into a cup and microwave.

When was Arizona first Produced?

May 5, 1992

Why perform Some stores Charge more For Pre-Priced $.99 Cans?

We pre-printed our cans through our argued retail due to the fact that we wanted to pressure retailers right into selling at that price. Retailers, however, room independent company people and can collection a price every little thing they prefer. We execute make and also sell non-priced cans as well.

I’m having Trouble Recycling her Gallons In my Area, What deserve to I Do about It?

We, at AriZona Beverages have operated with our plastic bottle manufacturer to do our plastic bottles recyclable and as environmentally friendly together possible. Because of the rigors of our filling procedure and in order come insure the the product inside remains fresh because that as long as possible, we need to use a distinct grade of plastic in the bottle. Because of this, us are required by regulation to usage the Resin Identification code #7 ~ above the bottom that the bottle. Before we commercialized this bottle, we functioned with the member suppliers of the association of short article Consumer Plastic Recyclers come determine just how the bottle would impact the plastic recycling stream. The trial and error concluded that the bottle could be recycle with various other polypropylene bottles to make commodities such together battery cases, sheeting and also piping.

Besides Milk, room There Any pet Derivatives In your Products?


Where Does her Tea Come From?

Our tea originates from all key tea-growing countries such together China and India.

Do They usage Tealeaves when They Brew The Tea?

Yes, we usage tealeaves to brew the tea.

Do Your products Contain Tanic Acid?

Yes, that is a naturally occurring compound in tea. It particularly gives the smell in black color teas.

What type Of Cans execute You Use and also Are they Safe?

We use aluminum can be ~ that have actually a food call surface resin (a-enamel) that prevents it from chemically acting on the tea.

I do Not like Ordering Online, have the right to I order By Phone?

Yes, you can speak to 1-800-707-5862 in between 10am-4pm EST Mon – Fri

Why room Your Gallons Filled to The really Top?

To certain freshness there is no using any type of artificial preservatives AriZona pasteurizes and also hot-fills the packages at 185 levels to kill any possible contamination. Especially on the gallons, the package is intentionally brim or flood filled and then squeezed so that the hot-filled product decontaminates also the cap area.

Do You acquire The same Benefits Of green Tea If i Drink It hot Or Cold?

Yes, you gain the very same benefits of green tea, antioxidants, polyphenols, catechins, and also flavonoids whether it’s warm or iced tea.

Do Sweeteners affect The services Of environment-friendly Tea?

Current research argues that sweeteners perform not impact the antioxidant services of eco-friendly tea.

Do You do An Unsweetened Tea?

Yes, us make an unsweetened tea in a gallon size. Look at for much more unsweetened tea packages in the future.

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I to buy A 23.5Oz can That Was marked $.99 however Was Charged more For It. Space They permitted To perform That?

We try to indicate a $.99 price to retailers by placing it in ours package design. Ultimately retailers deserve to sell it because that as much or as tiny as lock like. We imply you discover a save that selling it because that $.99 or less.