"Norm" a 1,600-pound part-Yorkshire pig own by Bob Peterson that Hubbardsville with a couple of piglets in the barn where they live. Peterson think "Norm" might be the world"s greatest pig. Not even three-years old, he is over seven-feet long, 4 and also one-half feet high, "Norm simply eats and also sleeps, " claims Peterson.

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His owner, Bob Peterson, that Hubbardsville, Madison County, cases Norm may be the world's greatest pig. And the Yorkshire hog mix, isn't even 3 year old yet.

"You've got to carry out some eat to put that lot meat top top in three years, " said Peterson, who's been raising hogs for four years. "He just thrived that size."The retirement state trooper from Connecticut relocated to Hubbardsville in Brookfield five years ago. He's been raising prize-winning cows, which average 1,250 pounds apiece, because that 12 years. Norm, called for the "Cheers" TV show character, was one of his very first pigs.

"Oh, mine God, that's an absolutely substantial pig, " stated Heather Sweeney, a dairy and also livestock specialist the Cornell participating Extension in Oneida County. Sweeney said a 3-year-old pig generally would optimal out at 500 pounds.

Word that the enormous pet has spread out from farmer to farmer, and also Peterson approximates at least 100 visitors have stopped through to take it a look at "that huge pig."

A feed company salesman who quit by the farm number of weeks ago was flabbergasted at the vision of Norm.

"He goes come the huge pig farms in the West, " Peterson said. "And he said he'd never seen a pig this size."

"To me, that would sound impressive, " stated Willard Williamson, 17, who has been elevating pigs for sector in Vernon center for 2 years.

The biggest pig on record is a Poland-China hog named big Bill, that tipped the scale at 2,552 pounds just prior to he was placed to sleep after enduring a damaged leg en path to Chicago's people Fair because that exhibition in 1933. Huge Bill's shoulder elevation was 5 feet, and he to be 9 feet long, follow to the Guinness people Records.

Swine come in all sizes - native the pygmy hog, i m sorry stands a foot high at the shoulder and also weighs an average of 13 pounds, come the giant woodland hog, which deserve to weigh as much as 620 pounds. Residential pigs can be much heavier, but Norm is one anomaly also within his very own family: his brother, also practically 3 year old, weighs around 500 pounds.

Farmers usually use a height and also length formula to recognize approximate load of their pigs. Peterson make the efforts that method on Norm.

His next idea for weighing the creature connected putting share on a pickup truck and driving it onto a feeding scale.

"We acquired (Norm) to the tailgate the the truck, and he rotate around and also looked in ~ me, " Peterson said. "Then he simply started walking earlier to his pen. There wasn't lot we can do after that."

So Peterson dubbed an pet science professor for help. The education offered an additional formula to calculation Norm's load that associated measuring the pig's girth, length and also height, resulting in the 1,600-pound estimate.

Peterson is hope to loaned a portable scale from Morrisville State college to get an accurate weight. But he claimed he won't call them, or Guinness, for another six months or so.

Peterson typically doesn't surname his livestock. But Norm is different. Now, as he enters the barn, Peterson greets the pig, that responds come his speak to by lumbering come his feet indigenous his lounging position.

"Hey Norm!" that said, reaching over the rail come pet the animal's backside. Share stands greater than Peterson's waist. The towers over the various other pigs, taking up many of the pen. The others don't seem to mind.

And he does both with hearty vigor. Share goes with 20 gallons of corn-oats feed every day - about double the day-to-day menu of the other 39 hogs combined. Peterson said Norm sleeps around 20 hours a day, waking up just to "slop under his food" and also then settling back in the mud for one more nap.

The pig has actually become an ext than just a pet over the years - he's a mascot because that Peterson's Star Farm. He'll live the end the rest of his life there is no being marketed for meat.

"As lengthy as he doesn't sit top top you, " Peterson said with a grin. "That's a totality lot that bacon."

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