Education: Wino attended Osidge main School. Then she entered Mount School. Amy wanted to gain some skilled training, for this reason she gone into Susi Earnshaw Theatre School. Finally, Amy went to Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Occupation: Singer

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Religion: Jewish

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Amy Winehouse Family

Father – Mitchell Winehouse

Mother – Janis Winehouse

Siblings – Older brothers Alex Winehouse

Husband – Blake Fielder-Civil (2007-2009)

Children – None

In details: Amy Winehouse’s family



How go Amy Winehouse end up being famous?

Amy Winehouse managed to come to be popular because of her remarkable talent. She was noticed in music business in her teens, when her friend sent out the demo of her song.

Soon the young genius signed her an initial record deal. Winehouse performed in such music layouts as jazz, R&B, pop etc. Amy released her an initial album “Frank” in 2003.

The singer was the co-author of many songs in the album. Her an initial musical work-related has come to be a sensation. Amy’s strong voice was compared with legendary buy it Vaughan’s voice.

“Frank” gained platinum status and also had BRIT compensation nomination. It to be the an initial step that Amy Winehouse to she stardom, i beg your pardon she later reinforced with many other effective singles and also albums.

Amy’s album “Back to Black” got five Grammy Awards.

Her job could develop for plenty of years ahead, if she hadn’t died from accidental alcohol overdose, which resulted in poisoning. Winehouse invested short, yet bright life.

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August 7, 2016

Laura Carson
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