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Hamsters room lovely pets. They will store you entertained and show some affection to your family members. If you room planning to get a fully grown hamster or raising a young one, you can be questioning yourself just how much this pets weigh and also how huge they get.


But one thing remains certain, hamsters maintain their small sizes almost throughout your existence.

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That’s why castle are constantly considered bag pets. Nevertheless of their little size, these family members pets come in different sizes to select from.

On typical hamsters flourish to reach 2 come 14 inch (5-35 centimeters) long and weigh between 1-16 ounces (25 to 460 grams).

However, their maximum length and also weight depend mainly on details breeds and the environment they room raised. Other components come in later on to recognize how huge a hamster can grow.

Read on to learn an ext about the size of different types of hamsters and also what determines your growth.

Hamster Size and also Weight Chart


The adhering to table indicates various hamster breeds v their corresponding sizes and weights:

Hamster BreedLengthWeight
Syrian Hamster5-7 in (13-18 cm)5-6 oz (145-170 g)
Roborovski Hamster1.8-2 in (4.5-5 cm)0.7-0.8 oz (20-25 g)
Dwarf Campell’s Russian Hamster2-4 in (5-10 cm)1.4-2 oz (40-60 g)
Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster2.7-3.5 in (6.8-9 cm)2.5-3.2 oz (70-90 g)
Chinese Hamster3.2-5 in (5-13 cm)1-1.6 oz (30-45 g)
Armenian Hamster3.3-4.7 in (8.4-12 cm)1-2 oz (30-60 g)
Chinese strip Hamster2.8-4.6 in (7-12 cm)0.7-1.2 oz (20-35 g)
Ciscaucasian Hamster9-11 in (23-28 cm)2-3.7 oz (60-105 g)
European Hamster8-14 in (20-35 cm)7.8-16 oz (220-460 g)
Eversmann’s Hamster5-6 in (13-15 cm)2.3-2.6 oz (65-75 g)
Ladak Hamster3.5-5 in (9-13 cm)1.2-1.6 oz (35-45 g)
Lesser Long-Tailed Hamster3.4-5.3 in (8.6-13.5 cm)1.2-1.7 oz (35-50 g)
Mongolian Hamster5-6 in (13-15 cm)2.3-2.6 oz (65-75 g)
Gansu Hamster5-6 in (13-15 cm)2.3-2.6 oz (65-75 g)
Greater Long-Tailed Hamster4-6 in (10-15 cm)1.4-2 oz (40-55 g)
Romanian Hamster6-7 in (15-18 cm)2.8-4 oz (80-115 g)
Tibetan Hamster3.5-4.4 in (9-11 cm)1.2-1.6 oz (35-45 g)
Turkish Hamster5-7 in (13-18 cm)5-6 oz (145-170 g)

Maybe you could be asking yourself why this pets come in different sizes or what determines your physical appearances. To find your answer, check out the following top four determinants that describe how big a hamster can get.

– Hamster Breed

The breed of her hamster is the most important factor that determines how big it can grow. Each breed has actually its set range that classifies every hamster.

Even though there are exceptions to this factor, many of these ranges are fairly larger in factor to consider of the small sizes of this rodents.

This is the main reason you are likely to come across a selection of hamster sizes within a specific breed.

– Gender

There’s a huge difference between male and also female hamsters. The distinction comes in their respective sizes. Masculine hamsters are larger than females.

But this is not always the case across all breeds. Similar to humans whereby males room taller than women, over there are likewise cases where female hamsters are bigger than males.

– Hamster Genetics

Compared to various other factors, genetics plays a minor duty in determining the true size of a hamster. Yet it is something the can aid you decide where your hamster belong in terms of dimension (both the weight and also body length).

When you breed larger hamsters, they develop larger babies. The same case is true with reproduction two smaller sized hamsters whereby the offspring will certainly be smaller.

– dimension of the Litter

This is likewise the the smallest determining element when it pertains to the dimension of hamsters. The size of litter for each hamster can conveniently influence the growth characteristics of young hamsters.

For instance, a smaller sized litter will have larger babies compared to a larger one. This is due to the fact that in smaller litters every baby gets opportunities for far better nourishment unlike those young hamsters in bigger litters.

What is the biggest Pet Hamster?

The Syrian Hamster is thought about the biggest of this pet subspecies, however the europe hamsters is much larger, but is not preserved as pet.

The large size that Syrian hamsters offers you one significant advantage i m sorry is dealing with them with ease. This attribute makes them appropriate pets for parents and also kids.

Also known as the teddy be affected by each other hamster, the Syrian Hamster can prosper up to 6-7 inches in length. This is almost double the size of a usual dwarf hamster.

These pets like separate housing away from other species. Your cage should have actually a minimum size of 12 x 24 x 12 inches (30 x 60 x 30 cm).

Aquarium-style and plastic housing are the most preferred selections of habitats because that Syrian hamsters.

These varieties of real estate should come v a tight-fitting metal-mesh lid to discourage them from escaping. Most importantly, their habitat should include features that will make castle comfortable.

Due come their big size, Syrian hamsters are easier to handle. Together such, they have the right to make great pets for her kids. Their size is meant for little hands to host onto without bring about injuries.

Besides, they can not slip through their cages come escape. And also if they escape, they are less complicated to find compared to smaller sized hamster species.

The only downside of keeping these pet is the they don’t do well in pairs. Also, they are nocturnal and also have a much shorter lifespan of around three years.

What is the smallest Pet Hamster?

The smallest hamster so far is the Roborovski hamster. It is likewise referred to as the Robo dwarf hamster or desert hamster. This is the smallest of the three hamster types in the genus Phodopus.

The Robo dwarf hamster is indigenous to deserts of main Asia and they have actually an median body size of 1.8 to 2.0 inches. They likewise weigh an mean of 20-25 grams in ~ maturity.

Their mean lifespan is 2-3 years relying on living conditions. These tiny hamsters are known for their agility and speed. They can run fast and some have been found to sheathe at the very least 6 miles in one night.

You can identify lock from other dwarf hamsters by spring for details features. Castle are smaller sized with sandy coloration on their fur and also a dorsal stripe.

When you look at them indigenous behind, their neurocranium shows up rounded and also not as rectangle-shaped as what girlfriend will see in various other hamster species.

At What period is a Hamster fully Grown?

One thing you have to know about hamsters is the they live one human year on median every two weeks (14 days of your lives). This observation depends on separation, personal, instance hamster breeds. Typically, a hamster have the right to live in between 1.5 and 3 years.

But that is not the main point when it involves determining the age of a fully grown hamster. Having said that, a hamster takes about three months to be totally grown. This is the age it becomes sexually tires in addition to getting to the maximum physical growth.

Out of numerous hamsters, Syrian hamsters grow to larger sizes. This explains why you are likely to an alert the difference between adult Syrian and baby hamsters. In ~ 4 main old, a baby Syrian hamster is as huge as a full-grown Campell or Siberian hamster.

The dwarf varieties display the really minimal difference in between their babies and adults. However the bottom line is the each hamster form displays various sizes together they grow and also even when they are currently adults.

Female or male Hamsters grows Bigger?

Generally speaking, male hamsters are larger than female ones. This is likewise true through other pets such as humans by which males tend to be relatively taller and larger in many cases. For hamsters, their physical illustration depends mostly on every species.

Another factor that helps distinguish males indigenous females is the personality of each breed that hamsters. For instance, male and also female Syrian hamsters vary in size, temperament, smell, and also behavior.

But contrary to your expectations, female Syrians space usually bigger 보다 males and this provides it daunting to tell their sexes. In some cases, females can dual the dimension or weight of males.

But this are just exceptional cases. Usually male hamsters space bigger both in size and weight.

Do Hamsters prosper Bigger in a huge Cage?

The dimension of a hamster has obtained nothing to carry out with the size of the cage that is preserved in. However the enlarge the cage the much better it is because that these pets. A huge cage will certainly provide an ext room because that them come move roughly freely.

These tiny pets need ample room to run and also play every day long. Their cages should also have extr features they need to feel secure and also comfortable.

Do enlarge Hamsters need a Bigger exercise Wheel?

Hamsters require a wheel to keep themselves fit throughout. It is crucial to think about providing your bigger hamsters wheels that are large enough.

The exact same wheel should have actually solid surfaces there is no crossbars come prevent mishaps during the exercise.

How execute You speed Up a baby Hamster’s growth Rate?

The best way to speed up the growth of her hamster is to feeding it on a nutritionally well balanced diet. V a an excellent diet, you can expect your little hamster to continue to be healthy and strong.

When they space healthy, lock will prosper faster. Other determinants that come right into play include individual varieties of hamsters and also their habitats.


Hamsters come in various weights and sizes. These two physical attributes are influenced by particular hamster species or their genders.

Some species are bigger while rather are smaller sized in size. Top top the other hand, males often tend to be larger in body size compared to your female counterparts.

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Of the numerous hamster species, the Syrian subspecies is thought about the largest and the Robo dwarf is the the smallest of the hamster pets.