Havana rabbits are tool in size, weighing between 2.0 and 2.9 kgs and also have a lifespan of 7 -10 years. Acquire their details consisting of their origin, human body type, colors, prices and much more.

Quick facts

Average weight: 2.0 kg come 2.9 kg (4.5 to 6.5 lbs.)Size: MediumLifespan: 5 – 8 year or 7 – 10 years if cared for properly.

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Best for: Singles, families with kids however not very small ones, first-time pet ownersBody type: CompactCountry that origin: Holland

History the Havana rabbit

The Havana hare originated native Holland (Netherland) wherein it very first appeared in 1898 and not Cuba as the name can suggest. It has actually deep colors the same, similar thing the Cuban cigars originating native Havana, i.e., coco colored. Several various other breeds including the Fee de MarbourgGris Perle de Hal, and also Perlefee, fan Havana their ancestry.

According to pets4homes.co.uk, “a brown kit through a wonderfully lustrous coat was born in a litter of dutch rabbits in Holland in the 1880s and also immediately became popular since of your rich, thick fur.”

The American Rabbit Breeder’s combination (ARBA) welcomed it soon after 1916 when it was introduced, and also since climate the blue, black and also broken colored Havana rabbit have additionally been recognized.

Appearance, body type, coat, and also colors

The Havana rabbit is compact v a quick round body. Its optimal line will kind a semi-circle the goes under to the tail. This hare has short legs and nails that are dark colored.

Their ears room firm, erect (straight), nearby to each other and also proportional come its body. The head is claimed to it is in broad, v fuller cheeks, a brief neck, and also medium eye sizes.

If you look at these rabbits indigenous above, their rear finish is an alleged to taper, and also they must be slightly narrower in the direction of their shoulders. However, the neck have to not look pinched or narrower.

The Havana is a tool size bunny weighing 2.0 kg come 2.9 kg v a expectancy of between 5 come 8 years


Its coat is low maintenance, lustrous and also soft v flyback soft fur that renders these bunnies to be well-known as the mink that the rabbit family.

This fur should be the same size throughout the body and it must be groomed when a week for indoor rabbits and also twice once they burned it, often during spring v a slicker brush.


Chocolate, black, blue and also broken colors room the colors the ARBA has recognized therefore far.

Caring for your Havana bunnies

Their diets need to contain not much less than 80% hay. There space many good quality brands together as small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend” Timothy Hay pets Food, Standlee Premium western Forage Timothy Grass, Vitakraft Timothy Hay, Premium Sweet Grass Hay among others.

Keep pellets low, about 5% while the remainder can be a well balanced diet that rabbit-friendly vegetables, fruits, greens, flowers and so on. Fruits and also non-leafy vegetables are only offered as treats.

Note that part fruits, vegetables, and greens may have little nutritive worth or harmful. Overfeeding may reason your rabbit to it is in obese. Also, limit the number of fruits and vegetables.

Their enclosures should be spacious and of the encourage size. The end ones should be raised and can be made utilizing wood and also wire to make them predator-proof and weatherproof and, top top a shade. A resting area deserve to have straws and shaving will certainly ensure your bunny is comfortable.

Ensure friend clean the cages regularly. All droppings should be eliminated daily, any dirty locations spot-cleaned while these hutches must be completely cleaned as soon as in a week, an altering your bunny’ bedding.

Irrespective that whether your rabbits are indoors or outdoors, the Havana rabbits need a the majority of time the end of your cages come sunbathe and also stretch your legs as they to walk around.

Health concerns

They carry out not require devoted healthcare besides the normal ones that any kind of rabbit requirements to be happy and have an excellent health. Certain they are vaccinated against infectious conditions such together myxomatosis as well as versus viral hemorrhagic condition if your nation requires you to perform so.

Check if her Havanas have actually overgrown teeth particularly if lock don’t feeding in lot hay and roughages.

Another feasible health problem is flystrike, i beg your pardon is as a result of flies laying egg on soiled, feces clumped dirty body areas such together their bottoms, particularly if you have outdoor bunnies. When the eggs hatch, their maggots feed on her rabbits.

Neutering for bucks can be done after three and also a half months if spaying of does have the right to be done once they space aged 4-6months. This may boost their longevity and make them less aggressive, other they are not usually.

Always save an eye on your bunny to ensure the is normal. Any changes in eating, littering and also behavior may indicate something is wrong consisting of it being sick.

Temperament and also behavior

The Havanas make great show rabbits as well as pets, and they favor to roam at home or exterior in a secured area. They have actually a calm, relaxed and friendly personality. Although they space not very energetic, they deserve to run and also do some tiny hopping while at home or outdoors.

Give them time to acquire used to other pets and human beings as this will ensure they perform not acquire stressed or scared.

Also, they frequently feel breakable if not correctly handled or choose up. Once stressed, they have the right to scratch or kick the handler bring about injuries to themselves or the person.

Seniors trying to find an energetic pet may discover it not so much fun. However, this bunny will certainly be an excellent pet for family members including those v children. Some of them will reap you stroking their back backward, fondling their ears or head.

Toilet file rolls, tubes, soft pieces of for sure wood, purchased toys will be best to store them company.

Finally, uneven cats and dogs that are conveniently trainable, these pets call for time and patience to have the ability to use your litter boxes. Litter boxes have to be placed about areas where they spend many of your time.

Finally, consider buying two since they prefer each other’s firm than gift alone.

Havana rabbits because that sale and also prices

These bunnies will price you around $20 – $50+ relying on if they space purebred, pedigreed or show quality.

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To acquire them, look for ARBA approved breeders, rescue centers, and also rabbitries. Browsing them online will make it simpler for you to gain them fast.