The state"s two-year budget listed $84 million to rise salaries for correctional officers and other prison employees as the Texas room of Criminal justice faces virtually 4,000 north guard positions.

by Jolie McCullough June 18, 201912 AM central


The present and new salary schedules because that Texas room of Criminal righteousness correctional police officers are based on the $84 million influx from the Legislature. Credit: TDCJ
The $84 million listed in the spending plan was initially meant come cover a flat, one-time 5% advanced for every correctional officers. But firm officials requested and also were given much more flexibility to restructure the job ladder. Under the brand-new structure, the starting salary of around $36,000 i will not ~ increase. And also officers who have gone to the agency more than 7.5 years will only get a one-time 3.7% raise, or about $1,600 a year.

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Similar pay scale alters will use to food and laundry employee in the prisons, and also leadership defense positions native sergeants come wardens will also get a 3.7% bump. Parole police officers will receive a level 5% advanced at every ranks. Collier will acquire an extra $18,002 included to his pay over the next two years.

Collier stated the company restructured the career ladder to focus on its best retention trouble — new officers. Critical year, virtually 40% of brand-new officers quit within the very first year, that said. That"s greater than the as whole turnover rate, which is simply shy that 30%.

“Our veteran policemans turnover price is lot much reduced than what we watch on the front end,” the said. “Our emphasis with the career path was based on our analysis of who’s leaving.”

But longtime officers and also union officials have actually repeatedly asked for assist for the staff members who have actually stuck around, saying the present maximum salary is much lower than in comparable jobs.

“It would have been a smarter, wiser idea to add an extra career step above the existing top-out,” claimed Lance Lowry, a longtime Huntsville correctional officer and former union president. “You would certainly have provided these people that space quitting before retirement an incentive to remain a tiny bit longer.”

Collier countered the there room ample avenues for police officers to be promoted to higher-paying supervisory jobs. He noted his own career advancement — he likewise was a correctional officer in his years at TDCJ.

Now, he renders a six-figure salary, which will get also larger in the fall, irking part rank-and-file officers. Collier’s salary will rise by $9,001 a year because that the biennium, happen his annual salary come $275,501.

Collier said neither he nor the firm asked for his raise, i m sorry was added in the House’s version of the budget.

“I’m thankful that the Legislature listed a raise in mine salary, but at the very same time, the bigger photo is the money we gained for our officers and staff. The was ours focus,” he said.

Still, Lowry claimed the news that Collier’s raise no sit fine with many officers, who raises, the said, will not sheathe cost-of-living boosts over the following two year while much more and more officers leave the agency.

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“The state legislative branch is definitely out of touch,” he said. “We don’t have actually a difficulty keeping executive directors; we have a problem keeping the line staff.”

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