There is a career because that you right currently that pays well, doesn’t need a university education, and takes less than 6 months that training before you’re hired.

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Don’t believe us?

According to the room of Labor, commercial divers and underwater welders earn an average yearly salary the $54,630. That’s the average.

Phil Newsum, president of the combination of Diving Contractors, states salaries because that welder-divers cover a wide variety and that optimal earners can make between $100,000 come $200,000 per year.

So, what’s the difference in between the lowest and also highest salaries?

LocationExperience & TrainingEnvironment & Depth that Dive


Florida employs the second-most advertising divers in the united States, behind only Louisiana. Yet whereas Louisiana divers do an average of just over $49,000 a year, Florida divers do an average of virtually $55,000 per year.

Experience & Training

Experienced divers know just how to earn the many when it involves underwater welding. The means it works is that divers are paid by the project. When you might potentially make half your annual salary in just a pair of months, you’ll most likely be spending a month or two securing your following project. But the an ext varied her experience, the more likely you space to obtain a gig right away, helping you earn tasks (and income) faster.

There are two key categories of underwater welding and the potential income are an extremely different: offshore and inland.


Offshore welding is the most profitable and will have actually you doing tasks like underwater cutting, underwater photography, drafting, non-destructive testing, fitting and rigging, and also more. You’re out at sea because that 1-2 months, there’s many of chance for overtime, friend go house for a week, and also then you do it all over again. Also, most shifts offshore show off overtime so the workweek can gain up to 12 hrs a day, 7 days a mainly -- allowing you come earn more than $50,000 in your first year.

Onshore work has welding freshwater pipes, inspecting concrete pillars, and also cleaning bridgework. It’s an ext safe and also the work-related is more regular and confined come 40-hour workweeks, but that way the salary is a tiny less -- roughly $35,000 per year because that beginners and also $60,000 per year for those who have actually been act it because that years.

Environment & Depth the Dive

The deeper the dive, the higher the risk. That’s great news if you desire to make more money in the exact same amount that time.

At the start of a job, you and also your employer will agree come a certain depth. If you need to descend past that for whatever reason, friend earn much more -- around $1 per extra foot you dive. So, if you walk 100 feet previous the agreed ~ above dive depth, you deserve to earn as much as a $100 bonus for that day's work.

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Commercial diving and also underwater welding have the right to be a life-changing decision for you and your family. The earning potential is uncapped and is enhanced greatly through your capacity to learn, your willingness come travel, your life experiences, and most importantly your commitment, drive, and dedication to be a effective diver. For veterans and also prior military, it’s regularly a seamless shift with much better pay and more time at home throughout the year.